Features of growing cucumbers on the windowsill

The very first step on the way to getting its features homemade products will be the right selection of seeds. Not all varieties are suitable for cultivation in such difficult conditions. Choose from parthenocarpic, they do not require pollination. Well established hybrids such as "April", "Masha", "Tot", "Stella", "Ant", etc. Preferably on the window sill and balcony to grow hybrids. This "Hummingbird", "swallowtail", "City fiddle", "Balcony", "shed", etc.

If you want to plant pollinated by bees good grade to have carried out the pollination manually. To do this, tear off a male flower and gently touch it to the pistil stamens of the female flowers.

You also need to stock up on good fertile soil. For this autumn, dig garden soil, sand and humus. Substrate for prepare cucumbers in the same proportion – 80% garden soil, take 10% sand and humus. Mix well and be sure to steam by putting a container of soil over the pot of boiling water.
If you do not want to mess with the preparation of fertile soils and buy ready ground in the store.

Before planting the seeds be sure to soak them by putting in a damp cloth. Plant cucumbers to grow on the windowsill first, better in small plastic cups. And when the seedlings will release the cotyledon leaves, transplant one plant in large pots.

Grow cucumbers on the South window, and when you see mustache, you need to stick a stake and tie the stalk. Remove all side shoots, they will only weaken the plant. And when the stem is at least 12 leaves, presidnete the tip. This will contribute to the rapid maturation of the fruit already started.
If there is not enough lighting, dosvechivat fluorescent lamps.

Peculiarities of cultivation of tomatoes on the windowsill

Not all the tomatoes will bear fruit abundantly at home, it is better to choose low-growing early varieties, for example, the "Japanese room", "oak", "Moskvich", "Bonsai", "ladybug", etc. Before sowing seeds need to be treated with saturated solution of potassium permanganate for 1-2 minutes. This will allow you to destroy the pathogens Phytophthora and other diseases. Then the seeds are dried, sown in seedling boxes, which put in a warm place, covered with glass. After germination, the boxes are transferred into the lighted area and remove the glass. Tomatoes grow fast, and within 5-7 days you need to hold the dive. At this point the seedlings will be a real leaf. During the pick, carefully remove one plant from the soil, cut the tip of the root and transplanted seedlings in one instance in a spacious pot. For soil you can use a mixture of compost, loam, and sand, taken in equal parts.

In good light and a temperature of at least 20oC seedlings growing fast, it is only necessary to remove stepchildren and time to irrigate, but avoid waterlogging. Water for irrigation to pre-defend. To prevent fungal diseases spend spraying a solution of Bordeaux mixture. To do this, dissolve 10 g copper sulfate in 1 liter of water. Then 20 g of slaked lime dissolve in 100 g of water. Mix liquids and handle seedlings.

Pollination of tomatoes 2-3 times a week postukivanie in palms with flowers. And when the main part of the fruit itself, remove the tops from each plant and remove all new flower brush. This will contribute to the maturation.