You will need
  • - self-pollinating cucumber seeds;
  • - the ground;
  • - capacity for planting;
  • - filtered paper;
  • - mineral fertilizers.
First of all, take care of the seeds. Given the specificity of plant growth and lack of natural lighting, it is better to purchase early-maturing varieties of greenhouse. Choose the seeds self-pollinated, otherwise you will have to pollinate them by hand.
Select the place on the balcony where you will plant the seeds. Because cucumber is a thermophilic plant, more suitable room, facing South, South-East or South-West. If the balcony Windows face North, be sure to insulate them, eliminating the draughts and the ingress of cold air to the plant.
Plant cucumbers in almost any container except aluminum: from the plastic boxes and ending flower pots. A prerequisite is that the pot should be at least 5 liters per plant and contain a hole for water drainage.
As a primer use a mixture of compost, peat and fertile soil in equal proportions. Try every 5-6 kg of soil add one Cup of wood ash or use ready-made fertilizers.
Before planting, soak the seeds of cucumbers for 10-12 hours. If you want to speed up germination, the seeds proustite. To do this, take a saucer or shallow dish, place several layers of filter paper, put the seeds on it and cover with another 2-3 layers. Moisten all with water, and with heating to maintain a temperature of about 30 degrees. Please note that the paper should not dry completely. Usually after 2-3 days the seeds will form the spine, which can be planted in the ground.
Watering cucumbers need twice a day, morning and evening, supporting the natural moisture. Do not forget about feeding. Fertilize once a week with mineral fertilizers at the rate of 2 tsp in 3 liters of water, increasing this number during fruit formation up to 2 times.
Because of the peculiarities of its structure, cucumbers need support. Once the whiskers appeared, attach the stem to the stake or stretched on the ceiling rope.
As soon as 10-12 leaves, cut the tops to stimulate the growth of side shoots. After 40-50 days, the cucumbers will bloom, and after 8-11 days from the ovary will be the first fruits.