Forbidden foods - what moms can't

In the period of breast feeding a woman should exclude from your menu, alcohol, and foods with a high content of artificial additives. These include chips, biscuits, wafers, candies, lollipops, yogurt, curd cheese. In addition, the need to monitor the fat content in the food. It should not be more than five percent in the daily diet. Too fat the mother's milk may cause colic in the baby and also lead to the development of obesity.
The most neutral foods that almost never cause Allergy - buckwheat, potatoes and bananas. If the baby reacts badly to most of my mother's dishes, at the time of change, the main products are hypoallergenic.

You should be careful with fruits on the menu. In the first month they need to be introduced gradually, taking into account the reaction of the baby. Better to start with apples, peaches, apricots. Then try citrus (lemon, orange, grapefruit) and berries. Follow the rule - no more than one fruit within two days. Then you will be able to monitor the baby, to understand, whether they assimilate the fruit acids, whether allergies. If baby's colicky or has rashes - move the introduction of fruits in the diet for a few weeks.

Marinated and too spicy foods may also cause colic in the baby. They need to eat carefully and slowly.

Sample menu for the first month of feeding

In the first month after birth the mother will have to limit ourselves to boiled and steamed food with minimum fat content. Menu nursing mothers in the first month looks like this:

Breakfast - porridge (buckwheat, oat, millet, semolina). Porridge is better to boil water or milk with a minimum fat content;
snack - an egg or a piece of cheese;
- lunch - soup (chicken or beef broth), steamed meatballs, poultry, steamed or baked fish with a side dish of vegetables;
- afternoon tea - a glass of kefir or milk, a piece of whole wheat bread;
dinner - fish or chicken with rice or vegetables.

Before bedtime you can drink tea with milk or a glass of sour milk. When excess milk is better to refuse from drinking before you sleep, it will trigger an intensification of its production. If you want to drink, eat cucumber, tomato or an orange, if the child is not allergic to citrus.
Remember that the mood of the mother can influence the composition of breast milk. And eating food, and feeding the baby, try not to be nervous, relax, think only about what you mum and happy baby.

All of these products can be prepared many different dishes, not only for nursing mothers, but also for the whole family.