On such products, as a rule, a woman needs to know in advance, before the birth of the baby and to be ready for it. Morale is extremely important for painless giving up favorite dishes. While the daily calorie requirements for lactating mothers increases by about 300-500 kcal., you need to dial through only useful and healthy food.
Infants who are fed mother's milk, much less suffer from various infectious diseases, much less likely to suffer from allergies.

Key recommendations

It should be noted, first, that the diet of a breastfeeding mother should consist of fresh, natural foods that do not contain chemical additives. Currently, the experts did not come to a definite opinion about the precise list of foods that should not be used. Without a doubt, the food you can not eat honey, alcohol, citrus and chocolate. These products in most cases, cause babies ' allergies. In addition, do not abuse dairy products, since they are believed to impede the digestion of the child and provoke the emergence of colic. New products need to enter in your diet gradually, in small portions, watching the reaction of the child on a particular product. The most stringent limits are established in the first weeks of baby's life. Digestive system of the newborn has not yet adapted to the new food, so this stage is the most important.

A nursing mother should forget for a while about spicy sauces and condiments, oily food and also liquids containing gases. It is best to replace carbonated drinks with fresh juices. In addition, the diet should be excluded foods that contribute to gas formation in the intestine of the baby. These include: grape, cabbage, Apple, radishes and beans. In the first few months of feeding it is not recommended to eat red foods and cured meats (for example, red caviar, tomatoes, etc.) In the diet must be present meat, but not worth buying a broiler – grown using various chemical additives.
If a woman wants to have a snack between meals, you can eat cheese, diet rye crackers, fresh or frozen fruits, raw and boiled vegetables.

Mandatory products

There are some dishes which you even need to include in your daily menu. This applies to all kinds of cereals – they have a positive effect on the digestive system of mother and baby, Supplement the deficiency of vitamins, and give vital energy. The exception is rice porridge, which lays down the chair and may cause constipation in children. Meat, fish and vegetables should not fry, and stew or bake. Salads should fill with vegetable or olive oil. A nursing mother need to eat protein foods - cottage cheese and hard cheese varieties. But with eggs you have to be careful, better to cook them scrambled eggs a couple times a week. A nursing mother needs to consume plenty of fluids for milk production. It is best suited for this dried fruit compote, sweet tea with milk, water without gas. On holidays you can drink some non-alcoholic beer that contains no preservatives.

Is not necessary to completely abandon all your favorite foods and beverages. If mom, for example, loves coffee in the morning is quite acceptable to drink a Cup of coffee with milk.

As you can see, the list of foods that can be eaten nursing mother, is quite extensive. Of them can cook delicious and very healthy meals. Only do not overeat after childbirth overweight to fight quite difficult.