After giving birth and while feeding the baby's chest should not go on a strict diet. After all, it is necessary that the body mom did all the substances it needs. For example, it is extremely important proteins. Of them, for example, to build cell membranes. Animal protein contained in beef, chicken, pork and other things, and vegetable and in cereals: buckwheat, oats.
Carbohydrates provide the energy required for digestion, respiration and other processes in the body. But not all carbs are beneficial for a kid - some of them can cause flatulence, such as cabbage.
Fats are also necessary to obtain, because they are formed hormones necessary for the regulation of the whole organism. If prior to birth you were taking vitamins, then it's time to continue the course - the vitamins and minerals the baby needs.
It is better to limit the use of allergenic products. The following products in most cases cause the crumbs allergies: honey, nuts, red vegetables and fruits, citrus fruits, milk and milk products, eggs, strawberries and chocolate.
If your baby was born by caesarean section, the first days it is better not to go to the toilet bowel - straining can cause joints. Should be excluded from the diet of your diet fruits and vegetables, cereals and bread due to the content of fiber, which forms a food ball. Go back to the usual diet for a few days.
Homemade mommy for the first time after childbirth should drink no more than one and a half liters of water per day. It's milk? Then reduce fluid intake to about a liter. Otherwise there may be swelling of mammary glands.
Well worth the 7-8 days after the birth of a child to keep a diary of the diet. If mom tries a new product,let writes in the diary the reaction of the baby at this product to see if a rash or redness on the skin? If there are changes, while using this product is not worth it - wait a few months.