Until relatively recently, with pulpitis (inflammation of pulp) I had to remove a bad tooth. Now you can save it. But it is necessary to hold polerowanie(or rather deponirovanie), that is, to remove the pulp.

How to remove the pulp of the patients teeth

Pulp removal is a very painful procedure, because in this case it is also necessary to remove the nerve of the tooth. Therefore, it is performed by a dentist under local anesthesia. Modern painkillers available in the aresenal dentists, are effective and help to reduce the discomfort to a minimum.
In a separate, very rare cases, hypersensitivity to pain or panic patient deponirovanie performed under General anesthesia, but this procedure is quite expensive.

After the anesthetic, the doctor removes the pulp tissue, and opens and cleanses the root canal where blood vessels and nerves. After cleaning the canals sealed. Sometimes the self-monitoring doctor can napervill of the patient to x-ray of the tooth. In most cases, the first temporary filling is set. And after some time (usually 7 to 10 days) if the patient does not occur noticeable discomfort, the temporary filling replaced by a permanent.
You may have to deponirovanie not only with deep caries or pulpitis, but for periodontitis (inflammation of tissues surrounding the tooth hole).

What could be the consequences if deponirovanie

Based the difficulty associated with deponirovanie and subsequent cementing channels and the installation of the seal – the need for the most complete removal of nerve tissue from the tooth canals. If this removal was conducted well enough, you may need to re-tooth pulp. And in the most severe cases, inflammation of the remnants of nervous tissue can lead to the need to carry out the operation.

Poor deponirovanie tooth can be caused by low skills, negligence of the dentist, and the individual characteristics of the structure of the root canal of the patient. For example, if these channels are highly curved, even very experienced and conscientious doctor would be hard to completely remove the nerve tissue. In any case, deponirovanie is quite time-consuming and responsible process, so the choice of doctor should be approached seriously.