You will need
  • - passport;
  • - documents for the property;
  • - the contract of donation.
If you are planning to give all the property to his wife, then create a written or notarized contract of gift. A way to transfer my share of the property used, in an extreme case, because there are more common methods to leave his wife her share of the estate is to arrange the marriage contract, by which all the property will belong to the wife or approach a notary to write a will on her share of the estate.
If you still want to transfer his share of property acquired in a registered marriage, by registration of the deed on the wife, you need to allocate a share in kind or in percentage, make a donation contract on the wife and register it in PPRC. Wife is going to be properties donated property which will not qualify the other heirs of the first stage, which includes children and parents. This method of transferring property is relevant only in the case if you have children from another marriage.
If you acquired the property before marriage or received it in inheritance, it is not the common property of spouses and you have the right to give it to anyone, including his legitimate wife.
For donation any kind of property prepare legal documents, cadastral extract and copy of cadastral plan, if you transfer a gift of real estate. Enclose notarized or written gift agreement. If you were gifted property, contact PPRC and register the right of ownership of the wife.
The wife during the joint lives have the right at any time to enter into a marriage contract to include all property that is owned by one of them. This is an alternative version of the transfer of property of a husband to his wife along with the donation and bequest.