You will need
  • -application form
  • -document about payment of registration original and a copy
  • -identity documents
  • -documents of the Trustees or legal representatives of minors or incapacitated people
  • -original and copy legal documents
  • -certificate of residence
  • -a copy and original of premises, the original must be certified by BTI
  • -notarized consent of all owners
  • -document about payment of the tax for donation
For registration of the deed on the part of the apartment requires the consent of all the owners of this apartment. It must be notarized and certified. If the apartment are minors or incapacitated owners, you need the consent of their parents or guardians.
If agreement is made determining the shares in the apartment, then permission from the other owners is required. The donor has the right to give his share to any person.
You must have a certificate of ownership of the apartment. For registration call a technician from the Department of BTI. Based on inspection of the apartment you will produce a new technical passport for her. With technical certificate and title documents necessary to apply to the state registration center for registration of real estate. You will be given a certificate of right to property.
After obtaining written consent for donation from all owners consult with the donee before the notary for registration of the contract of donation. You write a contract on donation in your share in the apartment. The deed of gift imposes no obligations of the donee. The donee has the right to refuse a gift.
At the conclusion of the contract of donation, you must specify how many square meters is offered fully and address and the location of this apartment, specify floor, where is located the apartment and the floors of the house. To make information about the persons registered in the apartment and having the right to reside in the apartment after the donation.
After collecting and processing all the documents the deed of gift registered in the state registration centre for registration of real estate. The donee issued a certificate of title to donated a share in the apartment.