You will need
  • - spazmolitiki
  • - obessmolivanie drugs
  • - vitamin
  • - physiotherapy
  • - ultrasound.
When solarita rely on causal treatment. That is, first it is necessary to identify the nature of the disease, and after proceed to the elimination of the symptoms. It is necessary to take into account the etiological and pathogenetic factors and to remember that the reason solar plexitis can be perigastric and periduodenit due to peptic ulcer disease, and is able to escalate in case of inadequate treatment. At crises and solaredge prescribe antispasmodic remedies – "Tiphaine", "Papaverine", "Pentamine", "Benzogeksony", etc. two-percent solution "Papaverine" is administered subcutaneously once a day for 1 ml, 1% solution "Dibazol" is administered subcutaneously or assign inside of 0.02 g three times a day. "Acetylcholine" is administered subcutaneously at 0.05-0.1 g
It is very popular topical treatment warm heating pad (temperature above 38 °C), mud applications on the area of the solar plexus and the spine at the level of 5 to 12 thoracic vertebrae, and segmentarno on the boundary nodes of the trunk. The patient shows treatment with b vitamins and neyroplegicheskie drugs – "Chlorpromazine" and "Mediolanum". Of painkillers shows the "no-Spa", "Platifillin". Between the attacks on the pill, "Pentamine", "Pyroxene", "Propranolol", "Belloid", "Belladona", etc.
At the primary disease apply the ultrasound in a pulsed mode, as well as UV-radiation and massage. Ultratonotherapy conducting electrode of the mushroom type, affecting the solar plexus, by moving the instrument on the anterior surface of the abdominal wall from motevideo bone to the navel. The procedure is performed with an average power and a duration from 5 to 12 minutes. The course of treatment consists of 10-15 procedures.
Physiotherapy: electrophoresis with novocaine, and aspirin on the projection area of the celiac plexus and the transverse diathermy and electrophoresis of calcium on the epigastric region. When solarite also shown balneotherapy with radon or coniferous waters in "the White Church", "Belokurikha", "Myronivka", "Pyatigorsk", "Lucane" etc. Good therapeutic effect can be obtained from the mud and paraffin applications. Required overall effects on the Central nervous system. And this can only be achieved through climatotherapy, balneotherapy, Spa therapy and sea bathing.