Drive defective

Breakage can be judged by too severe hum when reading the disc or the absence of attempts to read as such. A laptop drive may simply not see or not to read. To make sure in working condition, you must try to insert the other disks in the drive. If the symptoms are the same, you need to clean the reading head of the drive. She has the appearance of glass, which gives the cut. This can be done either with a cotton swab and alcohol, or with a special cleaning disk, on the reverse side of which has a stiff brush. The price of this disk in the region of 200 rubles.

If cleaning the drive does not work, you can disassemble the laptop. This is done only in the presence of such skills and, if past the warranty period of the laptop. Checking the density of the connection of cable power transmission, as well as the integrity and density of the cable going from the drive to the motherboard. If the problem is in them, then they may have a shriveled appearance, in some places can be exposed. The price of such parts is low, but the store to buy them difficult. So you should go for replacement to the service center for repair of equipment.

The warranty period of the notebook is 1 to 2 years. If it has not expired, it is necessary to relate it to the warranty service center, where they will spend the whole diagnosis. If the case went to the drive then replace either it or exchanged the laptop for a similar or other fee.

Drive failure

Often, the laptop does not see the drive because it itself is faulty. Damage can be both mechanical and associated with the write error. Mechanical damage can be judged by a dirty disc surface, scratches, curvature, etc. of course, you Can try to read the disk in another drive, but the maximum that a user can achieve, this error message read.

If the disc burned correctly, then the laptop will either not see it or it will read incorrectly. These symptoms are likely to be on other computers. If the disc was purchased in store, it's worth to change it in two weeks, according to the law on consumer protection. If it was recorded independently, you will have to overwrite information in another media.

Very rarely the drive is not recognized by laptop is because its format is not supported by the drive. Modern disks can be unilateral, bilateral, have a CD, DVD or Blue-Ray format. With the latter often linked to the impossibility of its reading on the laptop, since the drives perceiving a similar format, are much more expensive than others.