The first thing to do before starting the DVD, is to open the drive (DVD-ROM), which is usually built into the system unit of the computer, insert the disk into the drive face up and close the disc drive. The drive opens and closes by pressing the same button, located in the immediate vicinity. The front side of the disk differs in that it shows the type of disc, the manufacturer's name, etc.
Startup disk, like most actions performed by a computer, can be done in several different ways.
The first method is the automatic start of the drive. Most versions of the Windows operating system to find that the DVD-ROM drive insert the new drive immediately offer the user options for further action. On the screen a new window appears where the user is prompted to choose one of the available operating system options: open folder to view files, play video file, do not perform any actions, etc. In this case, the user just click with the left mouse button on the selected action and then click "OK" in the lower right corner of this window along with a "Cancel" button. After that, the computer performs the selected user action.
The second way is to run disk via "Explorer". On the desktop of nearly any computer is the icon "My computer". After a double or single (depending on settings) clicking the left mouse button on the icon on the screen of the monitor a window appears that lists the available hard drives and devices. To start the DVD you must select in the list the name "DVD drive" (and possibly other, similar name) and click on it once or twice with the left mouse button. Then on the screen will appear a list of files recorded on the disc currently in the drive. To open a particular file, you need to click on it with the left mouse button.
Similarly, you can run the disk using any file Manager, e.g. Total Commander. Every file Manager can perform the functions of "Conductor"
The third option is to run the disk through a program designed to view files of this type. For example, video files can be viewed using programs Media Player Classic, KM Player etc. If the DVD disc contains a video file, then you will need to run one of these programs. Then, in the menu of this program need to select "Open" or "Open file" ("Open" or "Open file"), and in the appeared window specify the path to the desired file. In most programs this way you can specify by clicking in the window on "My computer" - "DVD drive" - "file Name".
After several repetitions of these actions, the launch of the DVD will not be for the user no trouble.