You will need
  • computer.
Open the package external hard drive and remove the carrier. Locate the device's user manual, and a cable connecting the hard drive to the computer. If you bought a hard drive form factor 3.5" in the package, except specified, will be based on a power adapter.
Connect the power adapter to the hard drive, if it requires additional electricity supply — usually have hard drives form factor of 3.5". Plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet and the cable to the laptop 's USB port. You can use any USB port of laptop which you are comfortable.
Wait until the laptop will detect an external drive. Usually, the operating system beeps when you insert any media. If you have an active autorun from the media, you will see a selection box. If not, then after installing the drivers (which happens automatically) the contents of the hard drive will be available to you via any file Manager.
Do not plug in untested media to the computer without an antivirus program. Modern viruses use the autorun for the device to copy itself to the operating system. When you first start removable media contained therein viruses are automatically started and integrated into the registry of the computer, so, do not disable the antivirus software.