You will need
  • the computer program AIDA64 Extreme Edition, access to the Internet.
Click on the icon "My computer" right-click in the resulting shortcut menu select "Properties", and in it the "device Manager". A list will appear connected to the computer devices. Click in the top right-click in the resulting menu, select "scan for hardware changes".
Then find the line "DVD/CD drives". Opposite this string is in the arrow. Hit right-click, which opens a list of connected to the computer optical drives. Click on the name of the drive right-click. There the device context menu, in which select "Update driver". In the next window, select "Automatic search of drivers". The driver will be found in the operating system and installed.
If the correct driver was not found automatically by the system, you will have to use additional program. Download the program AIDA64 Extreme Edition. Install the software on computer and run it. After she scan the system, you will see that the program window is divided into two parts.
In the left part of program window, find the component "Conservation of data". There will be an arrow, clicking on which the left mouse button you will open an additional list of devices. In this list select "Optical drives". The information on the drives will appear on the right side of the program window. On top of the window will be information about the technical characteristics of the device, its features and the list of technologies supported by the device. At the bottom of the window will appear Internet links to the website of the manufacturer. The bottom link is called "Update driver. Double-click on this link with the left mouse button. Your Internet browser will open the page where you can download drivers for the optical drive.