First, if the user has encountered a similar problem, he should check whether he reads all disks or just some. If some of the CDs he reads, it is likely that the problem lies in the software used on the computer. If he does not read discs, then most likely the fault is in the drive. You should remember what are the managers of the virtual disks used in the last time. Quite often this kind of fault occur due to internal conflicts with a program such as Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120% and even Nero. To solve this problem is quite easy - just remove these managers and again the install DVD into the appropriate drive.

A fault in the drivers

If the problem is still not resolved, then you should inspect the condition of the drivers of optical drive. This will need to go to "control Panel" and select "System", where the "device Manager". In the "DVD / CD-ROM drives, remove all virtual drives and restart the computer. After this, go to menu "View" and select "Show hidden devices". Branch devices find driver "SPTD" in the thread "Drivers desmonstrate devices" uninstall the driver and reboot and test the system.

The problem is in the loops

In some cases, the problem may be the ribbon cables IDE and SATA that come from the optical drive to the motherboard. Users simply connect a cable and test the drive. Alternatively, you can just install the Flex cable to another connector on the motherboard. Not be amiss to purchase a special CD to clean the laser head. Fortunately, it is inexpensive (about 150-200 rubles), but it will help to solve an urgent problem if it lies in the contamination of the laser head. Of course, you can always clean it on their own. For this you will need to unplug the drive and remove the lid, then gently wipe the laser with a cotton swab. It should be noted that in no case do not need to use to cleanse the head acetone, alcohol or other aggressive fluids, as in this case, you just lose your drive. Better than just water to do this, you will not find anything. In addition, when connecting the drive, be alert and careful, because an incorrectly installed ribbon cable can also deprive you of the drive.