Advice 1: What are the analogues of "Sumamed"

"Sumamed" is an antibiotic with a broad spectrum of action. The drug earned its popularity thanks to its effectiveness in the treatment of various respiratory diseases and infections.
What are the analogues of "Sumamed"


The drug "Sumamed" consists entirely of ingredients of azithromycin. The same name the medication "Azithromycin" is having a similar effect in the treatment of various diseases, "Sumamed". Antibiotic often prescribed for respiratory tract infections – bronchitis, pneumonia. The drug is widely used for infections of ENT organs (tonsillitis, otitis, sinusitis). The medicine cures skin infections (Lyme disease, boils), ulcers of the stomach and intestines. As "Sumamed", "Azithromycin" refers to the group of macrolide antibiotics having a strong antibacterial effect.
"Sumamed" is one of the most expensive drugs azithromycin sold in pharmacies throughout Russia.


Another analogue of "Sumamed" is "Azitroks" having a pronounced antimicrobial action. The drug belongs to azaleas and is particularly effective in the treatment of infections of the urogenital system. "Azitroks" able effectively to cope with infections of the respiratory system, skin and gastrointestinal tract that were caused by the bacterium Helicobacter Pylori. The main active substance "Azitroks" is also azithromycin. The cost of medicines is slightly higher than that of "Azithromycin", on average, 3-4 times.

Before buying analogs appointed antibiotics, consult your doctor. Depending on the method of production of the drug can change its effectiveness in the treatment of a disease. For example, "Sumamed" issued also in the form of a suspension and a powder for preparation of injection, in contrast to the usual "Azithromycin" or "Azitroks", which is sold in pharmacies only in the form of capsules.

Similar antibiotics

Another drug that also belongs to the group of macrolides and is based on azithromycin, is "Azizan," are as widely used in the treatment of infections. The drug cost is a bit more expensive than "Azitroks" and available in tablets or capsules, which differ in dosage. Capsules 250 and 500 mg azithromycin is available and "Azarel".
Before the use of antibiotics carefully read the instructions for use. In any case, do not take the medication in larger dosage than specified on the package or was prescribed by your doctor.

"Amazed", "Somex", "Nitrox", "Aseks" are also well-known drugs-substitutes "Sumamed". All these medications available both in Russian and foreign markets. These antibiotics belong to macrolides group and have a similar effect on the infectious and bacterial diseases.

Advice 2 : Is there an equivalent of "Sumamed"

"Sumamed" is a broad-spectrum antibiotic belonging to the subgroup of macrolides. This drug was developed by specialists of pharmaceutical company "Pliva" (Croatia). You can find cheaper counterparts, "Sumamed": "Azithromycin", "Hemomitsin", "Azazil" and others.
Is there an equivalent of "Sumamed"

In some cases, appoint a "Sumamed" and its analogs

Original drug "Sumamed" is the generic name azithromycin. Under this name various pharmaceutical companies produce analogues "Sumamed": "Aziwok", "Azarel", "Safocid", "Azitroks", "Setrole Forte", "Amazed", "Hemomitsin" and others. Azithromycin has special properties: high acid resistance, ability to penetrate through cell walls, broad spectrum antimicrobial activity. Thanks to them, this antibiotic is indispensable in the treatment of intracellular infections (ureaplasmosis, clamidiosis, mycoplasmosis).
"Sumamed" has activity against a significant number of pathogenic bacteria: pneumococcus, Staphylococcus, some Streptococcus species, causative agents of syphilis and gonorrhea.

"Sumamed" it also helps with tonsillitis, pharyngitis, otitis media, sinusitis and other infections caused by sensitive to the active ingredient by microorganisms. The daily amount of drug and duration of treatment should be determined by the doctor depending on the patient's condition and the General course of the disease. For treatment can be assigned to cheaper analogues "Sumamed".

The difference "Sumamed" and its analogs

Analogues or generics of the original drug are much cheaper because their production does not require laboratory and clinical research. The part of unique needs to fully replicate the composition of the original, but despite this due to different manufacturing techniques and characteristics of production to achieve identity is impossible. The original and the generics can vary the concentration of the active substance, the composition of the shell, it may differently affect the response of the organism. The analogs have a greater amount of impurities.
Found that the total amount of impurities in the analogues "Sumamed" 3.1-5.2 times more their number in the original.

The result of the comparison "Sumamed" and generics have established that a significant part analogues dissolves slower than the original, which reduces their bioavailability and, consequently, efficiency. When compared with the original 4-in-kind ("Setrole, "Aziwok", "Amazed", "Hemomitsin") established that the best therapeutic effect has "Hemomitsin", the least "Setrole". Since the efficiency of analogues of the original, in the end, the cost of treatment is more expensive than the original drug. When using the "Sumamed" recovery occurs in a short time, it does not require acceptance of additional medicines.
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