Advice 1: What is the sauce "Tabasco" and what can be replaced

Tabasco – a series of hot sauces. The advent of the recipes and names of the world owes American Edmund, Macclenny. Half a century ago, he created a hot sauce with the use of red hot pepper variety of Tabasco. The main qualities of the sauce – natural ingredients, no fats and low calorie, minimal salt, versatility in application.
Tabasco Sauce

Recipe Tabasco sauce

The classic sauce consists of chopped hot red pepper, Tabasco, vinegar and little salt. Peppers are ripe, their pulp paste under the skin, not quite ripe or green, with firm flesh. Exactly the degree of maturity of the pepper depends on the sharpness of the sauce. Especially cooking the sauce: the peppers are ground, salt, and ground is sent to the fermentation in oak barrels. Period of fermentation – up to three years. Later in pasta sauce, add white vinegar, mix and filter. The sauce is ready. Can be poured into the bottles.

Features of making the famous sauce

Real sauce ferments in white oak barrels, and the salt is used from mines of Avery's island. Peppers Tabasco sauce are picked by hand. The ripeness of each pepper checks the standard-plate of a certain color. The degree of maturity of peppers depends on the taste of the sauce and its saturation and sharpness.

The original Tabasco sauce (sometimes pronounced Tabasco) made by the company, Makalani. The hot sauce – habanero, followed by the classic red and smoked (chipotle). Less spicy sauces Tabasco – garlic (in its composition three types of peppers), green (with jalapenos), Buffalo and sweet and spicy with Oriental spices. All kinds of sauce, in addition to classic, aged much less than three years.
A quarter teaspoon of Tabasco sauce can be equated to half a teaspoon of black pepper or a teaspoon of other hot sauces.

Useful properties of Tabasco sauce

Use the sauce for cooking meat and fish, add with soups and second courses helps to strengthen the immune system and improve metabolism in the body. Thanks to the useful properties of the sauce is introduced in the diet of the astronauts, officers of the armies of the United States and the United Kingdom. The caloric content of the sauce – only 12 kcal per 100 grams. Sauce contains vitamins a, C, E and group B. In a sauce of fatty acid and beta-carotene, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, sodium.
The sauce is contraindicated for people with heart disease, particularly when tachycardia, and gastrointestinal diseases. Tabasco sauce – a strong allergen.

How can I replace Tabasco sauce

Zealous fans of Tabasco is better to go to the nearest supermarket. If this option is no longer, the time before the hour "X" - there are a couple of weeks, you can prepare yourself. The recipe is very simple, but the fermentation process is long. And instead of a small tab you can use Cayenne pepper, it is better. Or jalapeno. The main thing – to have a mask (and goggles), gloves and a strong draught in the kitchen. And do not use utensils used to cook baby food.

Pepper is ground, mixed with salt, formed by the Bank and placed for fermentation in a warm place. The fermentation process – a week or two, depending on the temperature in the house. Then add a classic vinegar at the rate of: per Cup of pulp of pepper, one tablespoon of vinegar. Can add garlic or seasoning. Strain – and the sauce is ready.

In marching conditions it is possible to replace the chili sauce. The extreme case where no ready-made sauces, use ground red dish and sprinkle with vinegar.

Advice 2: What is the draft

A draft is called intensive air flow formed inside the room, where ever people live or work. It can have a significant negative impact on their health.
What is the draft

Education draft

The formation of drafts, as a rule, occurs in almost completely enclosed space in which there are small holes in the ajar Windows, doors, cracks or other such phenomena. If pressure, temperature or other characteristics of the air in this room differ significantly from those characteristics of the environment in the space outside the premises, formed the directed air flow passing through said holes. At the same time, the more significantly is the distinction between such parameters inside and outside the room, the more intense will be the draft.

Most often, the draft is formed in a situation when such openings in the closed room opposite each other. In this case, the speed of movement of air flow will be maximal and can reach values of 1 meter per second. In this case, since the volume of the air mass inside the room, much less than the mass of the air outside the environmental parameters in case of draught over time closer to options outside. For example, if a draft blows in from the streets, where the temperature is much lower than in the room, the room temperature will also be reduced.

The risk of draught

The draft has a certain risk to the health of people residing in the premises, subject to their occurrence. The main negative impact of the draught on the health status due to the fact that he is not absent-minded, and directed flow of air. Therefore, if a person, for example, always sits on the site, through which passes a through air flow, it undergoes intense impact. This can be especially dangerous if the temperature of the stream significantly below the prevailing room temperature.

Accordingly, the unpleasant symptoms that can be caused by draught, are in clear relation to the location of the air flow on the human body. So, if a draft blows in the face or head, you may experience inflammation of the ear, throat or nasal cavity, the herpes outbreak. The draft, aimed at the chest or waist, can cause inflammation of the corresponding nerves that will cause pain when moving and breathing. In addition, the possible occurrence of inflammation in the internal organs - such as kidney disease.
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