"Azithromycin" is prescribed for infectious diseases caused by sensitive to the preparation microorganisms. These conditions include infections of the upper respiratory tract (sinusitis, tonsillitis, otitis, tonsillitis), scarlet fever, infections of the skin and soft tissues (impetigo, dermatitis, erysipelas), infections of the lower divisions of the chest (bronchitis, pneumonia), urogenital infections (cervicitis, urethritis).
The drug is resistant to the acid environment and is therefore well absorbed from the stomach. The maximum amount of active substance in the blood contains two and a half to three hours after ingestion. The drug penetrates well into the respiratory tract, tissue of the genitourinary system, soft tissue, the skin. Its bactericidal effect is maintained for five to seven days after the last dose of funds.
"Azithromycin" is used by the doctor. You need to pre-determine the sensitivity of microflora to him, which provoked the disease. The drug need to drink one hour before meals or two hours after a meal. "Azithromycin" take once a day. With infections of the respiratory tract, skin and soft tissue adults appoint 0.5 grams of the drug in the first day and 0.25 grams in the following days. The course of treatment should last from 2 to 5 days. You can also take the drug at 0.5 grams for three days. At the first stage of Lyme disease (borreliosis) in need take one gram of the antibiotic on the first day and 0.5 grams in the next two to five days.
Children "Azithromycin" designated on the basis of body weight, if the child's weight is 10 kg on the first day of the drug he was given at the rate of 10 mg per kilogram of body weight in the next four days give 5 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. In children, the drug can be used for three days. In this case, a single number is ten milligrams.
"Azithromycin" can cause vomiting, nausea, flatulence, transient increase in liver enzymes, drowsiness, in rare cases, an allergic reaction (skin rash). The drug is contraindicated in hypersensitivity to macrolide antibiotics. With care it is used in disorders of the kidneys and the liver, with Artemiy. Not recommended the use of "Azithromycin" during pregnancy, according to indications it is prescribed only in those cases where the benefits will be higher the risk of adverse effects on the fetus.