Advice 1: As for colds to relieve the dry throat

When a person is very long and talks a lot, he inevitably begins to speak hoarsely. This is due to the fact that it begins very dry mucous membranes. And sometimes, when cold quite often the patient to wince from the pain in my throat.
As for colds to relieve the dry throat

Causes of scratchy throat

There are very different preconditions for the formation of dryness of the throat. The following causes of dry throat:

Viral illness or a cold. They are often accompanied by a cough and runny nose, and fever.

Specific diseases. For example, pharyngitis or tonsillitis
Pharyngitis is an inflammation of the mucosa with a characteristic redness of the throat. Angina is an infectious disease in which inflamed tonsils and pus is formed.

Dryness due to sore throat. Occurs with a long presence in stuffy or smoky room.

Drying of the mucosa. This happens when warm and dry air. To prevent these unpleasant symptoms, it is recommended hydration.

The inhaling air through the mouth during exercise. This way of breathing may be observed in young children with colds or during sleep of an adult.

In the case of dry throat from colds, you can moisten the throat as needed, ventilate the room or a proper set of breathing through the nose.

As for colds to relieve the dry throat

If there is a strong cough or a very sore throat and inflamed throat, it is possible to judge about colds. That's what eliminates dryness:

Candy. There are the usual, like "Rondo" or "Mentos", and there are medicines – all containing phenol. When is the sucking reflex, all the necessary components stand out from the Lollipop and are distributed to all affected areas.

Aerosol. Used for short-term getting rid of dryness. Ideal for children. Supporting the choice of the right aerosol you have every pharmacist.
All components in this mixture help at the same time: the egg envelops, milk – warm, honey – softens, oil – moisturizes mucous membranes. It helps even when temperature and strong cough.

Pills that contain zinc. This element is of immense help in getting rid of dryness of the throat. The only negative – the tablet is taken only for a week longer to use it.

Cooked mixture. It is great for all pregnant women and children. It is very simple. In a glass of warm milk are added alternately: a teaspoon of any kind of honey, a raw egg, a teaspoon of butter. All this is mixed and ingested before bed.

Advice 2 : How to treat dry throat

Dryness in the throat is one of the options of pain are at the diseases of the nasopharynx. To determine the exact cause of dryness can only be a doctor otolaryngologist after a thorough examination and study of clinical symptoms. But often a symptom of "dry throat" appears after acute respiratory illness, acute respiratory infections, sore throats, colds. Then help yourself you can and traditional medicines.
How to treat dry throat
You will need
  • - a humidifier or ionizer;
  • water, physiological saline, vegetable oil;
  • pharmacy turpentine, menthol oil;
  • - crude vegetable oil, onion;
  • - corn or olive oil, carrots.
During the heating season often has dry and sore throat the result of breathing dry air. Particularly susceptible to such problem children and the elderly. The result of excessive drying of the mucosa becomes increased sensitivity to infectious diseases. The easiest option is the establishment of a humidifier or ionizer, definitely in a dormitory.
Dryness in the throat leads to the formation of micro and infectious inflammations, especially in the autumn-winter period. To prevent the development of inflammation of the pharynx should use different ways of its moisture that will protect from drying out and easing the pain in the throat.
First and foremost, it is recommended to frequently drink water. Moisturizes mucous membrane of the pharynx saline was instilled into the nose several times a day and at night. Instillation of vegetable oil in the nasal passages protects against drying for a few hours.
Follow the advice of traditional medicine. An excellent remedy for dryness in the throat is the inhalation of vapors of turpentine. Pour into a mug liter of boiling water, add 5-7 ml pharmacy turpentine. Covered with a towel or blanket, breathe in the aromatic pairs of alternately breathing in the mouth - out through your nose, feeling the nose – exhale through the mouth. Procedures do at night for 10-14 days. In the daytime, you additionally 1-2 times daily instilled into the nasal passages at the drop of menthol oil.
Take 150 ml of unrefined sunflower oil, pour into the pan and heat to sizzle. Grind 100 grams of onion and place it in the hot oil. When the onions will be overcooked, cool and drain the oil into a jar. Gargle onion oil 2 times a day, typing in the mouth SIP funds. The course of treatment – 5-7 days.
Grate a carrot of medium size. In a pan heat 50 ml of olive or corn oil and place the carrots in the oil. Fry the carrots on low heat, the brighter the oil, the better. Cool slightly, drain the oil, and vegetable residue wring through double-layered cheesecloth and mix with the expressed oil. Bury to nasal passages 2-3 drops of the prepared means 2-3 times a day for 5-7 days.
If methods used are relief of symptom "dry throat" is not help, it is better still to go to a medical facility, not to miss development of serious diseases.
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