Visual sposobnogo to visually reduce the nose - with the help of cosmetics. Really the nose is reduced, moreover have every day to applying makeup, but this method is one of the most painless and safest ways.To correct a wide nose, apply a lighter shade on the nose and darker on the wings. And to reduce the length, the darker shade should be applied on the tip of the nose. For the correction of the size of the entire nose should be applied to the entire surface skin color darker. Be aware of the importance of smooth transitions between notes, otherwise the situation can only worsen.
Charging for letseatat method is less common since changes in the size of the nose by means of charging - it's quite a long process. To achieve tangible results will require from one to three months. Back the tip of the nose with the index finger and lift it up. At the same time try to resist the muscles of the nose. The exercise should be repeated at least fifteen times daily. Please note that when you perform these exercises should be involved only muscles of the nose.
Injection correcties by injection, you can hide the asymmetry and irregularity of the nose, and to form the shape of the nose. To correct uses a special drug. It softens the cartilage and allows you to adjust it. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so discomfort is minimized. But this method has its drawbacks. The duration of action of the drug is limited by time and action. After about 3 years, the procedure must be repeated. And also this method is not able to correct imperfections such as hump.