The barrel has long been used in Western Europe and their former colonies to measure a variety of liquid and dry substances. Beer, ale, oil, gunpowder - all this is measured by barrels. It is noteworthy that in the Russian Empire there was an analogue of the barrel, which was equal to 40 buckets or 491, 96 liters.
"Barrel" - Russian unit of measure used in the XIX century.

Types of barrels (barrel)

As a rule, many who heard about the barrels, and know what it is, it is associated only with oil. In fairness it should be noted that, indeed, most often, in this context, the barrel and used. These barrels are called "blue" and they are equal to 159, 988 liters or kilograms 136,4. They have an international designation BBLS. Sold a barrel of oil traditionally for dollars. Also used the ratio of 1 barrel=42 Gal.

Gallon - a measure of the volume of substances, which varies from 3, 70 to 4.55 litres depending on what is being measured. For example, in the United States gallon - 3,785 liters, and in the UK 4,546 litres. Like the barrel, the gallon is used in countries where English was adopted the metric system, that is, in the former British colonies. Also, this system of measurement adopted in Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and other Latin American countries.

However, there are measures with a similar name, but slightly different value. This English, American and French barrels. It is worth noting that in the domestic market of oil is measured and sold, predominantly, in tons.
The measure of oil throughout the world is calculated only in the barrels.

Capacity barrels

As noted above, the barrel is not a single measure but a whole system of values which vary depending on the measured substance. For example, the English barrel formed on the basis of the beer barrel, and since 1824 is equal to 163, 66 liters. In the United States standard barrel for measuring liquid substances has been established on the basis of a wine barrel, and currently it is 119,24 liters. It is noteworthy that in the measurement of beer the size of a barrel varies and is 117,3 liters. In determining the amount of dry substances in the US used a "dry barrel" size 115, 6 liters.

French barrels or barrique (barrique) is equal to 225 liters. As a measuring unit is not used in France, and Haiti. By the way, in English language, bbl means barrel, which, in fact, clearly understandable in the form of a container.