You will need
  • - Oil raw materials;
  • - business plan;
  • - a loan or grant.
Consider the possibility of resorting to private investors and firms to obtain venture capital. Private investment consists of cash grants to individual entrepreneurs. For investors it is not necessary that their investments have paid off, in contrast to lenders. Instead, investors are likely to demand their share of the business that they can sell, as it will only become more valuable. Private investment can be the best option for oil companies, since the profit potential for investors can be many times higher than their original deposits.
Apply for industry grants to take advantage of debt free start-up capital. Grants can be one of the options for successful sales of oil, as it has its own geopolitical and economic consequences for the country. The Federal government usually offers a number of grants for the development of natural resources at any time, although it depends on the current political and economic situation. Based on them we will be able to open a business for the sale of oil.
Please refer to the information on the government's website to search for possibilities of obtaining state subsidies. Also grants are often offered by private distributors, gas stations, and sellers of products (e.g. motor oil and gasoline). You can count on the possibility of obtaining grants for business based on your ethnicity and place of residence and other factors.
Use to the extent possible the benefits of business loans. Credit for business can help you to postpone to a time certain start-up costs until your business is for the sale of oil will not begin to generate revenue. Purchase equipment and vehicles, for example, with the obligation to gradually pay the bill in full and to begin to make periodic payments, at least every few weeks after receiving the goods. Credit can help reduce costs in several aspects, including office supplies, furniture and even equipment for gas stations. All this has a positive impact on your sales.