Imagine yourself the owner of a wonderful aquarium. In one cubic meter of water can accommodate a myriad of marine life and arrange a real underwater Kingdom with strange algae and fanciful compositions of rocks. But such beauty requires constant care. Once a week when cleaning the aquarium you need to drain some water and refill with fresh water. Sea water will not pour from the tap, you need to prepare the necessary amount in advance. You will have to determine how many liters is the updated portion of water. All chemicals to maintain the desired composition of the water and the health of the inhabitants of the aquarium added to the water in amounts exactly corresponding to the volume. Usually the user is given the rate of reagent per liter of water.So you'll have to determine how many liters in a cubic meter.
Cubic meter is easy to imagine as a cube with a rib size of one meter.The volume of such a cube (V) is equal to the product of the three dimensions that a cube is the same: V=1m х1м х1м=1 cub.kubicheskii meter large enough volume for everyday use much smaller capacity.Divide each edge of the cube into sections one centimeter. The prefix "centi" means "hundredth part", i.e., the centimeter is one hundredth of a metre. So, each edge of the cube is divided into one hundred segments. Connect the ends of the lines on opposite edges, and each face of the cube will be divided into squares with sides of one centimeter.Count the number of squares (n) on each face of the cube: n =100 x 100 = 10 000
Mentally connect the vertices of the squares on opposite sides of the cube and the whole cube will be composed of equal rows of cubes with sides of 1cm. Determine the volume of a small cube (v): v = 1cm x 1cm x 1cm = 1 cubic SetState the number (N) small cubes (cubic centimeters) in a large cube (cubic meter): N = 10 000 x 100 = 1 000 000Получается that in one cubic meter contains one million cubic centimeters.One cubic centimeter a small enough volume, it is that drugs or spirits measure.
But if edges of a cubic meter of split not a hundred and ten pieces? Each such period is called a decimeter. The prefix "deci" means "tenth part". Mentally build on those UHF segments of the blocks within a cubic meter, you will receive neatly placed ten tall ten rows of cubes with sides of 1 decimeter (1дм), ten in each row. Each cube has a volume of one cubic decimeter. This volume is called litre. And only in cubic meter placed a one-thousand cubes of volume 1 cubic decimeter or 1 liter.
It is easy to calculate that each liter contains one thousand cubic centimeters. Another cubic centimeter is called mililiter (ml), which literally means "a thousandth of a liter"
Note the results of the game cubes in one cubic meter a thousand liters,one liter, one thousand cubic centimeters or milliliters.