You will need
  • Access to the Internet.
Determine in which exactly gallons of this original value to be translated to liters depends on the conversion factor. The English gallon to measure, for example, gasoline is equivalent to 4,546092 liters and is sometimes called "Imperial". In the USA one gallon of fuel is 3,785411784 liters. If the same unit is applied to the volume of bulk materials, in both countries, she will meet 4,405 litres. There is also "proof gallon", which measured the amount of alcohol. In the UK it is equal 2,594 l, and in the US of 1.89 L.
Take, for example, the search engine Google to convert gallons to liters - this search engine has a built-in calculator and currency Converter. Go to the home page, specify and enter the relevant search query. For example, for transfer to 100 liters Imperial gallons, type in "100 English gallons." To mention the gallons in the request is optional instead of the word "English" can be used "Imperial". The search engine will calculate and display the result of conversion: "100 Imperial gallons = liters 454,609188". By default, Google considers the American unit, so if you enter "100 gallons", we get a result equivalent to 100 gallons of "100 us gallon = liters 378,541178".
If the source value is given in any of the special variants of Gal, use this search engine to implement the corresponding mathematical operations. For example, if you want to translate in liters 78 proof-gallon American standard, then you should increase this value of 1.89 times. Type in the search query box 78*1.89 and Google will calculate and display the result of multiplying: 78 * 1,89 = 147,42. And to calculate the litre volume of 78 Gal, any loose material should be: 78*4.405. The answer is Google in this case will look like this: 78 * 4.40500 = 343.59.