First of all it is necessary to remember: one liter equals one cubic decimeter.
Now it is necessary to make some simple calculations and find out how much of Dezi cubicmeters per cubic meterE.
As you know, 1 DM equals 10 cm, and 1 m equals 100 cm, therefore in one metere 10 decimeters. Then in a cubic metere 10х10х10 = 1000, deci cubicmeters.
Further, Recalling that one liter equals one cubic decimeterhave determined that one cubic metere 1000 liters. And, therefore, 1 liter = 0,001 m3.
Now, with this knowledge, you will easily be able to translate a literin cubic meters and calculate that 2 literlike Coca-Cola is 0,002 m3, and a 40- liternew gas tank has a capacity of 0.04 m3 of gas.