If you decide to master this form of martial art at home, first of all, you need to start training your body using special techniques and exercise. These exercises can include:
- exercises aimed directly at the power training;

- exercises to develop endurance and willpower, which are very useful when studying this type of martial art;

- exercises to develop flexibility of your body, which are, perhaps, the most important of all of the above.
To begin with, when preparing at home, you'll need a specially equipped room, called the "home gym" where you practice the strokes and techniques used in karate.
The gym must be equipped with at least: a horizontal bar, "pear", mats and other systems and equipment that will help you succeed in learning this difficult skill most quickly. Most acutely in the study of karate before a newbie is the question of flexibility of the body (because the techniques and shots used in this very dangerous sport, and beginner, not having a sufficient level of stretching of muscles and ligaments may injure himself).
This problem is corrected by constant use in the training of special types of exercises aimed at stretching the petrified muscles and ligaments, preparing them to extreme movements performed during strikes.
Thus, if you want to master karate, the preparation for this kind of art can be done at home, and now, with regard to the bumps and various techniques, it is better to consult a professional trainer. At least it'll be safer than to do it at home alone.