A runny nose is the result of incipient diseases of the respiratory tract. But this is not always the case, there are times when snot is observed in children only in the morning and throughout the day they are not.

Causes of rhinitis in children in the morning

If the child is breastfed is likely to nasal discharge in the morning brings a lot of trouble as the boy's mother and to the child. Causes of runny nose in the morning may be several.

Viral or infectious diseases and sometimes can be in a latent or chronic form. The body of the child up to 7-8 years only forms the immune system and, consequently, the morning runny nose at them - a phenomenon which is not insurance. This is a normal reaction of the body to "invading microbes".

The following causes of rhinitis include the allergic reactions when the child inhales a specific allergen, these include not only various aromatic products such as perfumes, washing powder, the dust, foods, animal dander. A runny nose in a child will be as long as you did not eliminate the child's contact with the allergen, will not detect and will not remove it. If the child's body the allergen acts for a long time, he may develop asthma. In the case of allergies show the child the doctor, who after examination will prescribe you taking any antihistamines.
In addition, other causes of mucus in a child can be attributed to various injuries, enlarged adenoids or reaction to various medications.

Hypothermia, incorrect dressing of the child, and poor nutrition also easily provoke a secretion of mucus.

Treatment morning runny nose in a child

In the house where the child is, it is necessary to wet cleaning, 2 times a day. Ventilation is also recommended if the cold is caused by a viral or infectious bacteria.
If the child is not able himself to get rid of snot, he needs help, this can be done using special devices.

To start treatment mucus by using medicines, you need to find out the cause of the common cold, it can be done in the hospital. There you will be prescribed a special medication that will help your child get rid of a cold.

Remember that you need medication from this disease can not be used on the advice of friends or acquaintances, as children may be allergic reaction to any component that can lead to anaphylactic shock.