The treatment of the child from the common cold needs to begin immediately with the first symptoms. If this is done quickly and adequately, it is possible to stop the common cold at the initial stage and do two or three days of illness instead of the usual seven.
Usually, the first symptom of an approaching cold sneezing is increased. It indicates the abnormal state of the nasal mucosa and increased sensitivity to allergens, dust, germs. During this period, should begin to irrigate the nasal mucosa by preparations made with the use of sea water, which is well clear the nose. For example, it can be Aqua Maris, Marker, or other types of pain. When using them, pay attention to the method of application. For children up to years, it usually drops after a year, you can use the spray.
If you stop the common cold at the initial stage failed, and her nose appeared serous discharge like clear water as the treatment to use drugs strengthen local immunity.
Drops better use of human interferon in a dosage of 0.25 ml in each nostril 2 times a day. A very good result shows the IRS-19 in the form of a spray, one injection in each nostril 2 times a day.
Before using such medications be sure to rinse the nose with saline solution and cleaned of all content, using different aspirators. Some moms use a piece of rubber tubing, but special aplausos certainly help to clear the nose of the most complete.
Use of vasoconstrictor drugs type: Nazivin, Nazol, Pinosol should be very careful, it is better for the night, since they cause quick addictive nasal mucosa.
On the background of the use of these drugs it is desirable to use restorative herb enhances the immune system. This may be the first sign or Immunal. Such funds should be applied at least a week for the occurrence of defined therapeutic effect.
The treatment of the child will be the most complete if, in addition to improve nasal breathing to use a special patch with essential oils, fastening it at night, for example, on your chest? child.