Transparent snot in children

Transparent snot often appear in infants in the first weeks of life. In this case, will the salty drops. Thanks to them, is washing and moisturizing the nasal mucosa. Soon clear discharge pass because their cause is eliminated. It is important to know that such a phenomenon is often observed during the period of teething in children's first teeth. Usually clear snot accompanied by high temperature.

If such allocation appeared in the period of the epidemic, they are a symptom of low immunity. In this case, you can give your child medicines that help the body cope with this problem. Effective medications constricts blood vessels, "Vibrocil", "Otrivin", "Nazivin". However, when applied, must strictly follow the dosage assigned by your pediatrician, otherwise there is the addiction of the child to the drug, and subsequently he will not be able to breathe properly.

In some cases, even prescribed doses, and all the rules of admission, the use of drops has not a very good influence on the entire body and the baby have an excessive paleness. For this reason, you need to be vigilant and not to overdo it with treatment.

Transparent snot in adults

Adults often appear transparent snot at infectious rhinitis. This condition is caused by the fact that the patient affected nasal mucosa by pathogenic microorganisms. When clear discharge is too abundant, for the treatment of rhinitis should be applied drugs that promote vasoconstriction - "the Nose", "Otrivin", Sanorin", "Nazivin", "Vibrocil". If health is normal, then antibiotics are not required. However, if the person feels weak and too scattered, you should drink a course of these drugs to help the body recover faster.

It is important to know that the transparent snot often accompany allergies. In addition to this symptom, often the person feels nasal congestion, itching in it, sneezing. Treatment in this case only one – to eliminate the allergen. However, this is not always possible, but you can take any anti-allergic agent. Thanks to him, the symptoms quickly go away, but his appointment should continue throughout the week. Should not blithely treat allergies, since it can lead to bronchial asthma, which is not going to be easy.