When the newborn starts cold, it instantly leads to other negative consequences: sleep is disturbed, the goal of the spout child can't eat, which leads to whims. And the worst thing in this situation is that the nasal problem is not limited to, turning on the lugs. Therefore, the primary task is to protect your baby from infections that cause cold. You should start with breastfeeding (if mom has milk), hardening, regular walks on the street. But even these measures don't always help.

Why am I getting a cold?

Nasopharynx of the baby is arranged so that the tiny nose and narrow nasal passages do not protect from the cold air. Getting inside, it causes hypothermia, and loose and soft mucous is not able to protect themselves from viruses. All this together leads to a runny nose, which can go to the acute otitis media. If the baby has a runny nose, together with a fever and started having problems with sleep and behaviour became restless, should immediately seek consultation.

How to cure baby spout

Prescribe treatment should only be a doctor and no one else! Drops for infants can have indications and contraindications, depending on the age of the baby. The dosage of the drug can exceed, even following the instructions for its use.

You also need to remember that a newborn can't blow his nose. Without the help of a nasal aspirator in such a situation is not enough.

Making washing, you need to keep baby in just a good condition the body was in a horizontal position, as that again can cause the otitis.

How to make the baby breathe again full chest

Cause of rhinitis is not always infection. Another enemy of child health, allergens. In this case, after the liberation of the nasal passages of mucus, it is necessary not only to wash them with special solutions, but baby drip vasoconstrictor drops, and because of them the swelling will be forgotten almost instantly.

Using drops, you need to monitor their temperature. It should always be only room. Bury droplets when the head of the baby slightly upturned. For each nasal passage 2-3 drops is sufficient. As soon as the medication was in the nose, you need to slightly tilt the child's head downward and the nostril to gently close, holding to the septum of the nose. This action is directed to the fact that the baby didn't swallow a drop. Of course, the drops need not simultaneously in both nostrils, and turns.

How to relieve the symptoms of rhinitis

Humidified air and ventilated room help the child breathe easier. During a cold the baby needs to drink more fluids. And when he's older, you need to immediately teach him how to clean the nozzle that is to blow your nose.