Why child coughs in the morning

Cough in toddlers can be physiological and pathological. Physiological cough is due to the fact that at night in the throat and airway of a child is accumulated mucus and phlegm in the morning baby and atlaslive. Such problems in children are very common. Physiological cough does not require treatment, but in acute need, for example, if it is permanent for months or even years, appears not only in the morning, but at night, you can still show the baby to the ENT doctor.

The second type of child's cough is pathological. It can occur due to "gastric mucus". During sleep, gastric contents may settle in the throat. In the morning the child begins to cough. If you notice the baby white frequent vomiting, the child must show a gastroenterologist.

If the cough appeared for the first time, you should watch the baby a couple of days, drawing attention to the nature and frequency of this problem. When the temperature of the child should be taken to a doctor.
If the baby coughs in the morning, but it is quiet, plays, eats well and sleeps, most likely, the reasons for concern.

The main causes of the morning cough kids

If the child after bedtime and the day the cough is getting worse, you need to contact the experts. Causes a morning cough may be several. If the child had a runny nose, mucus in this problem flows down, which can provoke coughing in the morning.
To resolve you just need to cure the common cold.

To trigger a morning cough may infected by worms. To exclude the possibility of infection, get tested for parasites. This analysis on helminth eggs or more tests for helminthiasis.

Another cause of morning cough with bronchial asthma. For examination you need to contact the audiologist and undergo the necessary tests for early detection of the disease.

Chronic inflammation of the Airways of the baby also can trigger a cough in the morning. Show your doctor who will prescribe tests and examinations, and will select the best treatment option.

To full examination by the self to do not need in order to avoid complications. Even healthy kids may coughing in the morning, but if the cough does not bring discomfort to the baby is likely to worry parents about.