Causes eye tumor

Before you treat the child has eye cancer, you need to figure out what exactly was the cause of this disease. Often the main cause severely swollen eyes in a child is allergic to. Parents used that as a result of allergic reactions a child has a rash on the body. In most cases, cause an allergic reaction can certain foods such as citrus or chocolate. However, not all moms and dads know that to manifest Allergy may not only in the form of a rash, temperature or redness of the skin, but in tumorous mucosa, for example, eyes. In addition to food, the allergen can be pollen, house dust, feathers from pillows and much more that surrounds your child.
Do not forget about insects because their stings can also cause allergic reactions.

Another reason for the eye tumor may be mechanical agents, that is, when the mucous membrane gets a foreign object. This situation often occurs when children play in the sandbox. The sand can get into your eyes not only from active child's play, but against the wind. The same may occur when repairing the house, when the construction dust enters the eye.

In addition to the above, to cause the swelling of the eye may such a disease, as conjunctivitis. Children often play on the street, so much so that the smear completely. It is likely that the child simply can scrub those dirty hands your eyes.
Getting an infection in this situation is inevitable. Therefore, one of the main causes of eye tumor in children is infectious.

Treatment methods of eye tumor in a child

If you don't know what actions to take, if happened that your child has swollen eyes, remember that the first thing you need to see a doctor. Directly the doctor and find out what caused this disease. It is from the reasons will depend on the method of treatment your child.

If the reason is Allergy, the doctor will prescribe special medicines, given the age category of the child.

When mechanical damage to the mucous membranes of the eyes the doctor will remove the dirty linen in the eyes of a child, and prescribe certain drops, relieves irritation.

In the case of infection it is necessary to assess the General condition of the child and his age, then assign the administration of antibacterial drops.