You will need
  • tea;
  • - cucumber;
  • - milk;
  • - egg protein;
  • - cream "Lioton";
  • - heparin ointment.
The most affordable way tea compresses. Perfect tea from the chamomile, but if not, we'll do a green or a black tea. Brew in the Cup two tea bags, cool to an acceptable temperature and put on the eyes cotton swabs soaked in tea for 10-15 minutes. This can be done preventively if you have a tendency to edema.
It is possible to remove swelling from eyes, making them well-chilled metal spoons. Spoons can be put into a glass with ice or just hold some time in the freezer. This method is convenient because it can be used at home and in the office.
Place on eyes for cooling slice of cucumber. Cucumber well pulls the water, and, besides, it will soothe the skin and relieve redness. You can instead use slices of cucumber juice, dipped in a cotton swab. Such a procedure would be even more effective. But remember that to relieve eye swelling all the lotions and compresses should be done only from the cool products.
If you have in the fridge is a carton of milk, it can also be used for "emergency" eyes. The algorithm of your actions is the same: two cotton swab dipped in milk, put on the eyes and keep for fifteen minutes. Tampons should be changed as soon as they heat up. Otherwise the effect of the procedure will be significantly reduced.
The next item out of your refrigerator, which helps to cope with edema - egg protein. It can be beaten and apply on the eye area as the mask. This will not only remove the swelling, but will help you cope with fine wrinkles because protein rich in vitamin B2.
In extreme cases, you can use heparin ointment (or cream "Lioton") . Apply it all over face as regular cream. This will remove the swelling very quickly and effectively, but to use it frequently without the advice of a doctor is not necessary.
If you have edema occur too frequently, be sure to check the hormonal background, circulatory system and kidneys.