Advice 1: Why allergies itchy eyes and a runny nose appears

Allergy today is extremely popular ailment. According to statistics, it affects 30% of Russians. Allergies can be of different types: food, seasonal, etc. And manifest it in different ways: one is skin rashes other itching. But most often symptoms of Allergy are runny nose and sneezing, and eye irritation.
Why allergies itchy eyes and a runny nose appears
Despite the fact that Allergy does not lead to General intoxication of the organism and does not increase the temperature of the human body, it significantly reduces the performance of the patient and the quality of life in General. It is impossible to properly write, read and just watch, when terribly itchy eyes. If a stuffy nose and a slight discharge of a colorless mucus, it also leads to a decrease in activity, because the oxygen begins to do worse to the brain, somnolence and irritability.

Why do I get a runny nose during Allergy

If you are allergic rhinitis has a definite name – allergic rhinitis. It occurs as a reaction to a contact allergen on the mucosa of the nasopharynx. Most often, nasal congestion is a reaction either to pollen or to household allergens. Of course that there is congestion only in those cases when a person is receptive to external stimuli.
By the way, if you have not previously been allergic to these allergens, it does not mean that it cannot occur in adulthood. Because immunity decreases over time and loses its protective function.

Allergens to the body – foreign substances. And with all the strangers and even potentially dangerous, nature is fighting force. Naturally, the body activates all its strength to fight and tries to get rid of the enemy. The best option for this are considered to be liquid. In this connection begins to increased production of mucus in the nasopharynx, which is designed to "wash away" all the allergens, thereby destroying them.

At the place where settled the allergen, an inflammatory process which leads to swelling. As a result, the outflow of mucus is disrupted and it starts the same allergic rhinitis.
It is worth considering that allergic rhinitis is treated quite other means than infectious. Similar they only vasoconstrictors. It is necessary to complement the treatment of anti-Allergy drugs.

Often a person with his allergies often begins and a lot of sneezing. With every sneeze his condition is not improving. In fact, this reaction is caused by the body to clean the Airways of allergen.

Itchy eyes

Itchy eyes Allergy occurs exactly for the same reasons as in the case of rhinitis. The allergen settles on the mucous membrane of the eyes and causes irritation. Naturally, the body begins to struggle, opening watery eyes. As the allergen irritates the skin, it starts to itch, causing the person gets swollen and puffy red eyes.

What to do?

If you suffer from allergies is not the first year, you probably know that the way reacts with your body. Hence it is necessary to exclude stimuli. If the reaction takes place at the household matter, dust, animal dander, etc. – should reconsider their rules of hygiene. To clean this case often means to choose hypoallergenic and tested, and from the animals, unfortunately, have to give.

If you react to flowering, you can try to arrive just a vacation it was at this dangerous period and to go where flowering starts late or early.

In addition, should adhere to the General recommendations, for example, to ventilate the room after the rain, not to go outside early in the morning or in the dry hot day when the concentration of pollen and other potential allergens at the maximum, often to take a shower, to dry things only at home, because on the street they deposited pollen, etc.

Advice 2: Itchy abdomen - what to do? Why the stomach small rash

Everyone has probably experienced that unpleasant feeling of itching. Most people complain that they have itchy belly. And the reasons here may be different. Some can be quite harmless, but the constant itching can talk about any disease. For example, the norm will be considered if the stomach is itchy from the clothes, cosmetics or after tanning.
 Itchy abdomen - what to do? Why the stomach small rash?


What types of itching there are

1. Acute itching. Occurs when medication or product that contains the allergen. It lasts up to several hours and can pass on their own.

2. Chronic itching. Occurs due to auto-intoxication. Characterized by redness and itching. Can proceed for a long period of time, from several months to a year.

3. Senile itching. Characteristic of men older than 60 years. It occurs when the sclerotic changes in the body, reducing the function of the endocrine and nervous system. The external factor is the weakening of the skin and its laxity.

4. Seasonal itching. Aggravation occurs in autumn and winter. Characteristic of individuals with diseases of the autonomic nervous system.

5. Heat itching. Occurs in the summer as a reaction to sunlight.

6. High-rise itching. Typical at a height of 8000 meters above sea level. During the descent below this level the itching stops.

7. Itching during pregnancy is caused by self-poisoned body of the baby.

8. Localized. Stimuli are often dyes, clothes, bowel disease.

Itching during pregnancy

Quite often, moms complain that they have itchy belly in early and late pregnancy. Sometimes the itching becomes unbearable. And therefore, doctors recommend a pregnant woman for examination to identify the cause and begin treatment. Intense itching, especially during pregnancy, should be cause for concern.

In the later stages the skin is stretched, and the belly longer and can cause discomfort. Relieve itching you can use fat cream. Why itchy belly during pregnancy, can only tell the doctor. But possible reasons may include increased sensitivity of women to various synthetic fabrics, and cosmetics.

But the causes of itching can be diseases of internal organs:

1. The failure of the liver. Itch often appears at night and is accompanied by a burning sensation.

2. Allergies. For example, you might develop allergic reactions to citrus, chocolate or seafood. This may appear a small rash on my stomach. It itches from time to time when making allergen.

3. Cholestasis. This is a dangerous condition that threatens the life of the mother and the unborn baby. It more often affects women with cholelithiasis, chronic cholecystitis or past hepatitis A. Therefore, if a woman scratched belly, feet and hands, should pay attention to it.

If rash on stomach child

Why itchy belly and rash? The child's body is not perfect, the immune system is weakened. In General, the rash itself is a symptom of an infectious disease. If the child appeared in her first symptoms, contact the pediatrician.

Causes rash and itching in children

1. Perhaps the child has measles. Measles is an infectious disease accompanied by headache, fever and a runny nose. Child annoying bright light, he is constantly coughing. The rash appears not only on the abdomen but on the head, behind the ears, and then throughout the body. It disappears three days later.

2. Varicella, or as it's called in the people, the chicken pox. When the chickenpox rash spread throughout the body, including the stomach.

3. Rubella. Represents pink spots round shape. They are common as well as with chicken pox, throughout the body.

4. Mono. Is characterized by eruptions on the belly, limbs and face.

5. Non-communicable nature of the disease. Itchy and belly rash appears the child is not the cause of the infection. The role of the factor causing itching and rash, can play an Allergy or synthetic fabric. Very often newborn children suffer from prickly heat, especially in summer.

If on stomach itchy spots

Red spots on stomach itchy because of problems in the body. Her identify will be possible only after a complete examination. You should not self-medicate because the spots may be infectious. The most common causes of itching and appearance of red spots:

1. Ringworm. This disease is characterized by lesions in patches that flake and itch unbearably.

2. Urticaria. Occurs more frequently when the insect bites, the failure of the liver, taking medications or products.

3. Rubella.

4. Erythema. The papules tend to grow and merge with each other.

5. Atopic dermatitis - this disease has a chronic course. Treated with antiallergic drugs.

Pimples on abdomen

Pimples are small inflamed bumps. Pimples on stomach itchy and appear for different reasons.

1. Possible allergic reaction. For example, the skin may not react to the allergen, but the inflamed area will be felt itching.

2. Irritation of the skin. There is no proper skin care.

3. Reaction to external stimuli.

4. Skin diseases.

Itchy belly

Quite often women are at the doctor ask: "Why itchy belly?" Factors for this are many. For example, the same pregnancy. As you grow belly skin is stretching. Constant irritation from underwear. It is possible that the elastic on your panties is too tight, and she constantly rubs and causes irritation. The same goes for jeans and pants with low waist.

Treatment itching and rashes

Before starting treatment, you should find out why itchy belly, for what reasons rash. If allergies are assigned to anti-Allergy drugs - ointments or tablets. You should also get rid of the allergen, if it is a cat or dog is to give it in good hands, products, or drugs that caused itching and a rash, throw it away.

In diseases of infectious etiology the treatment consists in the application of various ointments, lotions and tablets. For example, for scabies isolate the patient and disinfect the room in which he was. This is done in order not to infect the people around him. When rubella, chickenpox, scarlet fever appointed antibacterial and antipyretic drugs.

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