Despite the fact that Allergy does not lead to General intoxication of the organism and does not increase the temperature of the human body, it significantly reduces the performance of the patient and the quality of life in General. It is impossible to properly write, read and just watch, when terribly itchy eyes. If a stuffy nose and a slight discharge of a colorless mucus, it also leads to a decrease in activity, because the oxygen begins to do worse to the brain, somnolence and irritability.

Why do I get a runny nose during Allergy

If you are allergic rhinitis has a definite name – allergic rhinitis. It occurs as a reaction to a contact allergen on the mucosa of the nasopharynx. Most often, nasal congestion is a reaction either to pollen or to household allergens. Of course that there is congestion only in those cases when a person is receptive to external stimuli.
By the way, if you have not previously been allergic to these allergens, it does not mean that it cannot occur in adulthood. Because immunity decreases over time and loses its protective function.

Allergens to the body – foreign substances. And with all the strangers and even potentially dangerous, nature is fighting force. Naturally, the body activates all its strength to fight and tries to get rid of the enemy. The best option for this are considered to be liquid. In this connection begins to increased production of mucus in the nasopharynx, which is designed to "wash away" all the allergens, thereby destroying them.

At the place where settled the allergen, an inflammatory process which leads to swelling. As a result, the outflow of mucus is disrupted and it starts the same allergic rhinitis.
It is worth considering that allergic rhinitis is treated quite other means than infectious. Similar they only vasoconstrictors. It is necessary to complement the treatment of anti-Allergy drugs.

Often a person with his allergies often begins and a lot of sneezing. With every sneeze his condition is not improving. In fact, this reaction is caused by the body to clean the Airways of allergen.

Itchy eyes

Itchy eyes Allergy occurs exactly for the same reasons as in the case of rhinitis. The allergen settles on the mucous membrane of the eyes and causes irritation. Naturally, the body begins to struggle, opening watery eyes. As the allergen irritates the skin, it starts to itch, causing the person gets swollen and puffy red eyes.

What to do?

If you suffer from allergies is not the first year, you probably know that the way reacts with your body. Hence it is necessary to exclude stimuli. If the reaction takes place at the household matter, dust, animal dander, etc. – should reconsider their rules of hygiene. To clean this case often means to choose hypoallergenic and tested, and from the animals, unfortunately, have to give.

If you react to flowering, you can try to arrive just a vacation it was at this dangerous period and to go where flowering starts late or early.

In addition, should adhere to the General recommendations, for example, to ventilate the room after the rain, not to go outside early in the morning or in the dry hot day when the concentration of pollen and other potential allergens at the maximum, often to take a shower, to dry things only at home, because on the street they deposited pollen, etc.