Advice 1: How to bleach spots on skin

The appearance of age spots for most women is a nuisance. Especially when the pigmentation is affect the skin on the face. Large and dark spots difficult to hide even the tonal resources, so the question of their removal in women is very acute.
How to bleach spots on skin
You will need
  • - Baker's yeast;
  • - juice of sauerkraut;
  • - cucumbers and lemon.
Start with proper care of skin. Choose suitable cosmetic products, on time and treat your disease immediately and start taking vitamin C.
Use bleaching creams only after consulting a dermatologist. Before applying check the reaction of the cream on the inside of the elbow. Most bleaches contain toxic substances, so they cannot be used in pregnancy, lactation, liver and kidneys. Fat use whitening creams. Use them for no longer than 2 weeks this time instead of water clean the skin with toner and lotion to less toxins into the body.
Of the home remedies for removing age spots, use a cucumber-lemon lotions and masks from dairy products. Wipe the stain with slices of fresh citrus fruits and sour berries.
Prepare a mask, Baker's yeast, diluted with water to a creamy state, and keep it on face for 15 minutes.
A good whitening remedy is sauerkraut juice. They wet the cloth and apply it on face for 15 minutes. Whitening mask do in the evening, then to not have to go out into the sunlight.
Use the services of a beautician. For pigmentation removal, there is a procedure of chemical peeling, which is offered by beauty salons. It uses glycolic and fruit acids that remove the top layer of the skin with pigmentation. From salon procedures for removing pigmentation there are also ultrasonic and laser peels, as well as phototherapy.
Causes of hyperpigmentation of the skin may be different from reactions to postponed organism of the disease to age-related changes. At a young age pigmentation spots can appear from mechanical impact on the skin. Pregnant women - due to hormonal changes in the body. Even the use of perfume with essential oils can cause skin pigmentation. This defect is also a result of lack of vitamin C.

Spots to remove very difficult. None of the methods does not guarantee full get rid of hyperpigmentation. But to lighten them and make them less noticeable by applying a set of procedures.

Advice 2: How to lighten age spots

Throughout a woman's life very carefully and sometimes picky about various defects of your skin, trying to get rid of them and, if possible, prevent their occurrence. Particularly unpleasant pigment spots, which in most cases indicate the approach of old age.
How to lighten age spots
You will need
  • Lemon juice, vinegar, horseradish, oil of rosemary;
  • - cucumber;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - yogurt, white clay;
  • - a decoction of rose hips, oatmeal;
  • - a series.
Contact a beauty salon. You can get safe procedures for removing age spots:- laser treatment is a very expensive procedure, has no contraindications and allows for 1-3 months to completely get rid of age spots;- cryotherapy – treatment of skin with excessive pigmentation substances freeze for a while. As a result of the procedure, the skin in the treated areas may lose the ability to produce pigment;- dermabrasion is the "sanding" of the skin with a brush at high speed that may cause temporary redness and peeling of the treated area;- chemical peeling – a gradual lightening of age spots with chemicals, is done only under the supervision of a cosmetologist specially prepared solution.
Try to lighten pigment spots in the home. Mix half a teaspoon of lemon juice and vinegar, teaspoonful of horseradish and 3 drops of rosemary oil. Apply the mixture daily with a cotton pad on a pigmented skin.
Wipe daily to pigment spots with lemon juice. If you have sensitive skin you can prepare a water solution of lemon juice 100 g water and 10 g of lemon juice. Use the solution as a toner.
Use cosmetic bleaching creams and masks are selected in accordance with skin type and sensitivity.
Grate the cucumber on a grater and make a cucumber mask or wipe daily pigment place sliced cucumber.
Mask with yogurt or sour yogurt gradually lighten and refresh the skin. If possible, add the yogurt white clay – this will improve the effect.
In two tablespoons of a strong decoction of rose hips boil one spoonful of oatmeal, in the form of heat apply on the skin.
Good effect is given a bath with a succession, if the pigment spots appeared on the body.
Persistent and rapid results gives the use of external bleaching agents in combination with taking a multivitamin and means governing the functioning of the liver.
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