The writ is served to the bailiff on the expiration of the term of appeal against the court's decision (usually 10 days). The deadline for making the sheet is usually three years, however, there are some exceptions. For example, writs of periodic payments may be made for the entire pay period, and when the proceedings of cases on administrative offences, the period for filing the document is not more than one year from the date of decision by the court.
Determine which of the territorial bodies of the service of judicial bailiffs you must file a writ of execution. If the defendant is a civilian, contact the bailiff at his place of residence or the location of his property. For debt collection with the organization feed the sheet to the bailiff by its legal address, location of the branch, representative office or property. In the case of regulations to the Respondent of certain actions, contact that is in the appropriate place.
Check with the bailiffs method of recovery from the debtor relying debt under a writ of execution. Having information about the banking accounts of the debtor, select the method of document feeding in the service of the debtor Bank. When collecting the periodic payments (if the amount of recovery does not exceed 25,000 rubles), you can submit the sheet at the place of work of the debtor or the awarding of a scholarship, pension etc. the same rule applies to writs of execution for alimony.