Advice 1: How to prepare cappuccino at home

Love cappuccino, but don't know how to cook it? I hope you are aware of what a cappuccino is not a drink that is poured boiling water and is diluted with the contents of the bag? To be able to cook real, delicious cappuccino — means to master the whole art! However, to know him and to cook cappuccino at home is available to everyone.
How to prepare cappuccino at home

Cappuccino in Italian means coffee with milk whipped into a thick foam, then have coffee with the cap. It whipped cappuccino foam differs from regular coffee. This drink is quite common in cafes, restaurants, clubs, but it is worth remembering that not every professional bartender knows how to cook really tasty cappuccino. Especially because most people prefer different tastes.

Therefore, for gourmets we offer a few tips on how to prepare a cappuccino. Currently, there are many ways for the preparation of the divine drink.

Before you prepare a cappuccino at home, you need to stock up on necessary ingredients. You will need ground coffee, filtered water, milk or cream, ground cinnamon and sugar. Cook good coffee. Coffee is prepared using coffee machines, but in the absence of this equipment, use, use the Turka. Pour the coffee in Turku, add water and put on the stove. Remember to boil coffee, as the drink will become bitter. Allow it to reach a boil, and then remove it from the stove.

Next, begin to cook the foam. Blend milk with cream and put on the stove, heat up a little. Then use the mixer and whisk the heated mixture to obtain a foam. It is important to ensure that foam is not formed bubbles. If the foam is ready, it should be transferred into a pre-prepared coffee with a tablespoon. Sprinkle the finished cappuccino with cinnamon and add sugar to taste.

Now that you know how to make cappuccino, you can at any time enjoy a fine drink own cooking, and family and friends will be in awe of your ingenuity.

Advice 2 : How to make cappuccino

Technical progress royally gave fans a cappuccino is a coffee with cappucinator. However, this miracle of technical thought is not in every kitchen. What to do for those who love a good cappuccino and would drink it not only in cafés but also at home? Of course, to learn how to make a drink your own kitchen, using improvised means. After all, without coffee in old Italian kitchens.
How to make cappuccino
You will need
  • For 2-3 servings:
  • - 4 heaped teaspoons of ground coffee medium grind;
  • - 200 milliliters of water;
  • - 50 milliliters of milk or cream fat content of 10-20%;
  • - 0,25 teaspoon of cinnamon;
  • - sugar to taste;
  • - a small metal pan;
  • mixer or whisk;
  • - pots (Turk);
  • - teaspoon;
  • - tablespoon;
  • - 2 tea cups.
Put in Turku coffee at the rate of 2 teaspoons per serving. Pour in the water. Stir the contents of the pots. Put Turku on the weak fire. Not for a moment move away from the plate until it is brewed coffee. Remove the pots from the fire at a time when coffee was just beginning to rise with the foam. Set aside capacity aside for a few seconds.
Return Turku on fire and remove it again at the moment when the foam will rise. Repeat this sequence 4-5 times. In any case do not let coffee to boil, the drink will acquire an unpleasant taste, will lose part of the flavor will be spoiled.
Pour coffee into the cups. Then add the sugar and mix. It is best to use unrefined brown cane sugar. It has a milder taste and subtle caramel aroma.
Prepare milk or cream. Pour them into a saucepan, stir in half a teaspoon of sugar, stir and put on medium heat. You can do it at the same time with fresh coffee. Then the whole process of making cappuccino at home will be faster.
Turn the mixer or whisk cook. 20-30 seconds after a container of milk or cream was put on the fire, start whisking the hot liquid without removing the pan from the heat. Whisk until then, until the surface of the milk foam will not disappear large bubbles. Unplug the mixer and the stove.
Carefully a tablespoon put the milk or cream foam cups with coffee. Do not mix! Decorate the milk foam of your cappuccino with cinnamon, put in a bowl of shortbread.
To enrich the taste of the drink, it is possible to slightly change the classic recipe of cappuccino coffee, taking coffee with different flavors: Irish cream, chocolate, vanilla, cherry, spices, brandy, almonds.
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