For whipping a sexy foam use a steam crane, so called "coffeemakers or coffee machines. Pour warm milk in a special metal pitcher - pitcher. Verify and prepare a steam crane. To do this, take him aside and in a few seconds turn on , to reset the gathered water. Then immerse it in a jug of milk, nearly to the bottom. On and off in a second. Repeat the short supply of steam twice. Then slowly and surely start to raise the vapour spout of the faucet up to the border of milk and air. This formed foam. Slightly tilt the pitcher,give the tap a little storm. Turn off the device once formed the desired amount of foam. Remember, the whole process should happen at the edge of the jug. Persistent milk foam do not always. Practice and you will get a thick and resistant foam.
If not the machine, use a little milk in a mixer with different attachments. Gently reheat the milk on the gas stove or in the microwave. Hot, but not precipitance milk easily whipped. Pour milk into a metal container,tilt it, then immerse it in a mixer with an attachment and start whisking. Move the nozzle in various directions, until the milk begins to foam. Select the mode of operation of the mixer, which has a low amplitude and high speed. Try different tips until you find the most suitable one to obtain a silky foam.
Another method of mixing foam for coffee is the French press. Heat milk, but do not allow it to boil. Pour warmed milk into a French press. Then begin to lower the plunger. Carefully pull the cover, start whisking the milk, raising and lowering the rail. The milk will begin to foam and swell. Please note that overheating the milk foam is not whipped.
The foam from the milk, you can blend, whisk or any other similar device. But it takes a lot of time. Slightly heating the milk over steam, whisk in a quick motion.