You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - means GPS in the mobile device;
  • - program tracker for Android;
  • - Google.
A mobile phone can be stolen/lost/forgotten, so you will know the location of the SIM card of the subscriber, with no guarantee that the owner is nearby.
A cellular phone company may request the consent of the person for whom you want to observe this way. Obtaining such information – service is often paid.
If you are satisfied with all of the above, then consider ways of determining location by mobile number.
Go to the official website of the mobile operator and connect the gsm service search. For this the phone of the desired subscriber to be active, is in the range of a network. The radius of such search is equal to the size of the "cell" - approximately 100 sq. m. to determine more Precisely the location is technically impossible. The settings required to connect the GSM service search check with your carrier. As a rule, the location information determined by the subscriber comes in the form of sms messages.
Use the tools in GPS in your mobile device. Search precision of approximately 20m.
With this program, tracker for androids. The applications that run on the smartphone, allow you to use Google to calculate the phone's location with great accuracy. The access to this information are the owner and those persons to whom it will be provided. A history is saved so you can not only see the current location, but also to learn, where people in a specific time, month, year or several years ago.
This service was a side property operation of cellular networks – no one has developed such functions specially. But it is very popular both in private life (control over children, relatives) and business (the control of movement of vehicles with cargo).