Remember that before you cut springs, you must correctly calculate the amount by which it is possible to shorten the item. Because the spring stiffness depends on the number of active coils. According to the special formulas, we can calculate the necessary distance that will give you optimal fit and comfort.
After that, install the supports under the front wheels of the car and put it in first gear with the engine off to prevent vehicle movement. Then, using the Jack raise the rear and install under it a support. Then climb inside the cabin and disconnect the rear seat backrest first one side and then the other.
Lift the edge of the trim and locate the nut that secures the shock absorber from the upper side. Unscrew it. Then do a similar operation with a bottom mount, which is under the car. Remove the bolt and set it aside. Then carefully remove one end of the shock absorber from the bracket and remove it along with the spring.
Inspect the spring for cracks and deformations of turns. Remember, if the spring has faults, then work with her is undesirable. Purchase a new part and carry out the planned procedures with her. Using the grinder produce the shortening of the spring to desired size.
After that, install the spring insulating gasket and secure with tape or duct tape to prevent it to come off if you later install. Attach the spring to the shock absorber, making sure that its end is securely rested on the ledge in the lower Cup. After all the work try an innovation when driving on the road. In the presence of extraneous noises, noises, or discomfort, be sure to find out the cause and eliminate it.