Clients Beeline can use the provided room 684. It exists to send the SMS. In the message text, the user must specify the letter L (Latin). In addition to this the rooms are at the disposal of subscribers is room 068-499-24. It is intended only for mobile calls and SMS. The use of any of the following numbers will cost the clients "Beeline" in 2 rubles and 5 kopecks. By the way, the service fee may vary depending on the established rate.
The operator "the Megaphone" there are several ways to activate search services subscribers. One of them is sending a special USSD-request *148* subscriber's number#. Please note that when you submit it you have to specify the number of the wanted subscriber in the international format, i.e. starting with eight, and with +7. Do not forget about short 0888, which allows the user to locate the desired subscriber. In addition, MegaFon offers the users of the service located at the service site Thanks to him, you will get the opportunity to determine the coordinates of the location of the person.
Subscribers of MTS can also use the service to search. To determine the location of a mobile phone and its owner from the operator thanks to the "Locator". In order to enable it, you should send SMS on number 6677. In the message text do not forget to specify the telephone number of the person you are looking for. However, not in every case, you will be able to obtain the required coordinates. The fact that when using a locator important is the consent sought. And if the other party does not give permission, the operator will not reveal his whereabouts. The amount charged for the search will be, depending on the tariff plan, from ten to fifteen rubles.