The reasons can be a sore abdomen after sex

The sexual act is over, but instead of the usual meet the woman experienced pain. Permanent partner, gentle caresses, the usual posture, but the pain covers the lower abdomen and causes to abandon. At the man's question, "What happened?" the frightened half can not find the answer...

And yet the causes of lower abdominal pains after sex there are:

Inflammatory processes of female genital sphere. They can cause not only pain, but itching, burning.

Spikes are not manifested in any way prior to sexual activity, with their coming, felt pain in the pit of his stomach.

Cystitis – a disease of the urogenital area, as a consequence of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder may cause pain and after sex and during urination.
Rare disease vulvodynia can affect only the vagina or genital area. Pain when it happen in the course of sexual intercourse, and in everyday life, for example, when you have time to sit in one place.

What type of pain after sex and what's he pointing at?

Sharp pain on the right or left as a sign of ovarian cyst can occur during sex. In the period of menstruation pain in the same place lessen, but still there. To avoid unpleasant sensations, having sex in the pose of "Woman on top".

Sharp lower abdominal pain after intercourse and in any day of the menstrual cycle may be a manifestation of endometriosis. The disease is considered dangerous in terms of the development of infertility.

Aching pain on the background of light sexual arousal after intercourse can occur due to venous blood stasis. In women suffering from anorgasmia, excited genitals blood is not flowing fully and causes a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen.

Sharp shooting pain may be due to neuralgia of the pelvic nerves and injury of the coccyx. Any touch to the vagina, be it sexual intercourse or a regular examination by a gynecologist, causes an unpleasant sensation.
Throbbing nature of pain in labia, which is only a few hours after an intimate relationship is a sign of bartholinitis. Pathology is expressed by inflammation of the glands located ahead of the vagina.

Pain in the vagina after intimate relations can appear due to fast motions (frictions) of the penis. They arise due to insufficient hydration of the vagina and cause irritation and inflammation.

Soreness after sex, combined with itching and a burning sensation are signs of fungal diseases. For example, the activity of yeast-like fungi Candida can provoke a yeast infection and slight inflammation of the vaginal mucosa.

What to do if stomach hurts after sex?

Any pain indicates problems in health. And lower abdominal pain regardless of its localization clearly indicates urogenital diseases.

To determine the exact cause of pain can only be a gynecologist after examination and study of the results of the ultrasound. To obtain the appropriate treatment and recommendations the issue of uncomfortable feelings after sex, happily permitted.