The plan you can change by making a free call to number 0611 support clients "Beeline" (for individuals). Contact the Manager, explain to him what action you want to do. You will be asked to give passport details you provided in the contract. After a few minutes the customer service representative activates the new plan, which will become effective either on the same day, or first day of the next month - it all depends on your desire.
If you represent a legal entity, submit in writing via Fax to the phone number "Beeline", which can be found on the website or visit the nearest office where you will be asked to fill out a form for requesting a change of the tariff plan. For subscribers using the credit system of payment, tariff plan will be changed only after the invoice date.
To move to another tariff, you can use the Internet. Go to saya "Beeline" ( In the section "Private customers", find "Support", then under "Mobile communications", open the "customer care". From the list provided, select "Change tariff plan". The screen will display the corresponding instructions. Follow all the necessary steps and the new plan will be activated. On this website you can also get information about all the available tariffs.
Contact the nearest office of "Beeline", necessarily taking with him the passport to establish the fact of belonging to the rooms. The office staff will help you choose the most convenient tariff plan and activate it.
If you change the tariff you want to change your landline number on the Federal, or Vice versa, in the first case, send a letter with a statement via Fax, and the second contact one of the offices of "Beeline".
Sometimes for switching from one tariff plan to another it is necessary at a time to make some money at the expense of the operator. But remember that choosing the best option, you will save more money than you'd pay for the tariff change.