Menstruation in girls is considered a special period. Even when taking certain medications it is a special indicator. For example, "Flucostat" that helps to combat yeast, is drunk on the first day of menstruation. However, the intake of many other drugs from menstruation is not affected. It deals with "MONORAL", "Kanefron", "Poliginaks", "Vilprafen" and others.

Taking a bath during menstruation

Almost every gynecologist is not advised to take bath during menses because there is a risk of infection in the uterus. But in fact, it is almost impossible. The structure of the female genital organs allows water to get into the uterus only in minimal quantities. Moreover, if you take a bath with clean water, and the bathroom itself was thoroughly cleaned before use.

Rules that must be followed

There are some features bath during menses. Special attention should be paid to the temperature of the water. The optimum temperature when menstruation should not be too cold, but not hot, i.e., about 35-36оС. If you like "sweat", taking a bath, it is better to wait until after the critical days. The high temperature helps to increase blood circulation and vasodilation. Expands blood vessels and in the uterus, and this means that your periods may become more intense.
It is best not to risk it and not to carry out experiments on your health.

Hot water really relaxes the body and makes the menstrual pain less. You can take a bath a little hotter optimal temperature, but not more than 5 minutes. You can use aromatic oils and herbs that relax and anesthetize, but from the salt solution should be abandoned.

It is better to wash after a bath, not during. Vagina present environment, which protects the genitals from getting infections.
Soap destroys the vaginal flora and the risk of getting various substances and microbes increases.

Swab can be used, but it should not be in the vagina a long time. They absorb water like a sponge and the vaginal flora is disturbed as well.

Take a bath, you can at any day of menstrual cycle, but from the pool in the first days is better to abstain. Swimming in the pool, like any other sport involving physical stress on the body. In the first days of menstruation the endometrium of the uterus only starts to flake off, and the load can increase pain and increase bleeding.

Bath during menses you can take, but do it within a reasonable time and don't forget the rules of hygiene.