Sex and monthly – are there any peculiarities?

The ban on sex during menstruation has always existed. In the period of self-purification of the uterus it becomes most vulnerable to penetration of pathogenic bacteria. If the couple can not boast of a fiery temperament, there is no problem – 3 – 5 days without sex husband and wife will survive easily. But how to be passionate couples who only one glance at his mate can not wait to have sex?

There is a way, first and foremost to stock up on condoms, even if "clean" days you don't use them. In this situation, instead of the contraceptive properties they will show protective, becoming a barrier to the penetration of infectious processes. This is especially true of couples that already have infections of the genital tract, or sex with a new partner.
Douche before sex, during menstruation is prohibited. So you do not make the vagina cleaner and here is a useful lubricant will wash away.

If in the first days of menstruation spotting abundant, sex is not recommended. This restriction is set due to the possible increase in bleeding due to the long intercourse with deep penetration.

Scheduling lovemaking during menstruation should take care of the place of action. It can begin in the bath or shower cubicle, but if sex selected bed, you need to take care of it. Will not be superfluous and wipes.

Advantages of sex during menstruation

• Naturally moist vagina does not require additional lubrication.
• Orgasmic spasms soften the menstrual pain.
• Strong sense of arousal in women, be explained by changes in hormonal balance.

Disadvantages of sex during menstruation

Getting sex during menstruation, you should not disregarded the risk to get pregnant because it is present in every day of the cycle. The problem can be solved only with a condom.

Estetichnost process is an important factor. The partners found themselves in an awkward position, they are requested to discuss the intricacies of "forbidden" sex.
To relieve abdominal pain after intercourse during menstruation will help pill "Shpy".

Not only for the female body, there is a risk of infection when having sex during menstruation. Getting menstrual blood in the male urethra from your partner in the future can develop disease of the urogenital area. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, you need to use condoms.