Much depends on the detergent

If you are going to take a shower, in any case should not tyrannize the skin with a rough cleansing agents. For example, a rough washcloth is better to use for washing only once a week. The same applies to special purifying body scrubs. Usually a hard impact leads to destruction of protective film on the body.

Try to use cleansers for the shower once in two days. Of course, it may be required to use more detergent if you have hard work associated with physical activity. We should not forget that the gel is rather aggressive means to destroy the microflora of the skin. Advertised gels strongly desiccate the skin.

In the heat and after severe physical exertion is not recommended to take a contrast or a cold shower. This can very badly affect human health. And really hot showers will not bring benefits to the body. Optimal bath of moderate temperature. In the morning you can take a shower with cooler water to increase of a tone, and in the evening you should increase the temperature to relax a little.

The frequency and duration of water treatments

A shower should not take longer than twenty minutes within the same water treatment. In the morning hours will be five minutes is enough to take a shower. The ideal duration of the evening proceedure should be fifteen minutes. But you need to remember that not all tap water is of good quality. So be sure to use creams and lotions to soften the skin. After taking a shower be sure to apply a skin moisturizing lotion for the body and take rest before sleep for ten minutes. This is especially necessary if your skin is prone to dryness.

Doctors recommend to take a shower on average twice a day - morning and evening. Of course, if you need to wash during the day, the avoided water treatment is not necessary. The main thing in this case is to use all the above recommendations and to use the correct detergent.

In addition to its main cleaning function, shower function performs the treatment. It is based on mechanical and thermal properties of the water jets. Although not everyone can afford to install home special therapeutic shower. But you can always go to the sanatorium to undergo health treatments.