You will need
  • - the statement in the BTI;
  • - title documents;
  • - the passport.
If the apartment is compartmentalized in kind or a partition has occurred in percentage to obtain the cadastral value of its share, contact the Bureau of technical inventory. Present your valid passport, documents of title, complete the application. In the presence of fresh cadastral information, the expiration date which is 5 years old, you will receive a certificate of the appraised value within 10 calendar days. If since the last inspection of the apartment has been more than 5 years, you will have to re-trigger technique to cadastral documents updated on the basis of the examination. Only then you will be given a certificate. It may take a lot of time, so for quick processing of all documents pay Express fare.
To determine the market value of the room which is required to conclude any legal transactions, contact the professionals real estate Agency or regional office of an independent evaluation Agency which has a state licence to conduct appraisal activity on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Specialists real estate Agency or independent evaluation office will visit the site to inspect the apartment. The price of a room is determined as a percentage of the cost of the entire apartment. In turn, the price of an apartment depends on many parameters. Is the total cubic capacity, location, year of construction, technical condition, etc.
You can determine the market value of the room, analyzing the prices in the real estate market. For example, if the market value needs to you personally, not to sell too cheap. Sell the same room you are entitled for the amount, which will be called independently.
Use a calculator online if you live in Moscow or area. Knowing the cost of the entire apartment, you can easily determine the price of the room.