If some days feel a slight discomfort, headache, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, pain behind the ear, refer to the district hospital to the physician for a consultation. The doctor will give direction to the analysis of urine and blood test.
Give blood and urine early in the morning. The next day the results will be ready. If the analysis shows elevated levels of amylase, the therapist will be able to diagnose the lesions of the salivary glands, the mumps disease ("pig"). On day 5 of illness, nausea and vomiting, which indicate the inflammation of the pancreas. Treatment of parotitis and pancreatitis is aimed at pain reduction and prevention of complications.
The doctor will prescribe you medicines that will relieve spasms in the ducts and improve the flow of bile from the pancreas. Such products include Pancreatin, no-Spa, baralgin, diphenhydramine the pain. In addition, these medications have anti-nausea and calming effect.
Try to stay in bed. Limit physical activity, less communicate with colleagues, relatives, friends, to avoid emotional outbursts in the period of inflammation of the pancreas. While mumps is an infectious disease. Stay 10 days in isolation from other people. If the elevated level of amylase was triggered by an acute attack, it is better to spend a course of treatment in hospital under strict supervision of doctors in order to avoid complications.
Get more sleep (8-10 hours). Every day you go for a walk. Follow the diet: do not overeat, drink alcohol, avoid spicy, sour, canned foods, chocolate and coffee. This mode will warn the re-inflammation of pancreas or salivary gland and, hence, increasing the level of amylase.