There is a huge variation of different diets-weeks, designed for intensive weight loss, here is one of the most effective and tested by a great number of women. Diet "Favorite" is a week-and promises the loss of water and fat up to 8 kg, based on the starting weight. Actually, "Favorite" - alternating mono days when you want throughout the day there is a certain product.

The first day is called drinking. It's very simple: during the day allowed to drink all that drink: soups, drinkable yogurt, water, tea, smoothies. But still, if you want to see guaranteed a nice result on the scales, it is necessary to confine water. Hard, but the beauty demands victims!

Second day - vegetable. Here with calm mind, you can make salads of arugula, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage. As you know, cabbage - fat burning vegetables, so do not regret it when cooking salad.

The third day again drinking! Drink same thing the first day.

Fourth day - fruit. Again, all very predictable: eat fruit. Desirable to drink grapefruit contraindicated - bananas and grapes because of the high caloric content.

On the fifth day you can go crazy on the proteins! Chicken fillet, cheese, eggs perfectly satiate and provide energy for another two days.

The sixth day of drinking again. Look at the first and third days.

Here is the seventh and final diet day, which is called "exit". Breakfast: tea and two boiled eggs. Snack: fruit. Lunch: broth. Dinner: vegetable salad.

And now you can once again make an attempt to get into your favorite dress or other piece of clothing. Guaranteed to sit it will be quite different than a week ago.