How to lose weight on buckwheat

Wondering about how to lose weight and what diet is most effective, many women stay on buckwheat. It is not surprising, because in this case, the extra pounds go away rather quickly, the technique is not harmful.

There are many different menus for this method of weight loss. But most often it is used as a mono-diet. In this case, the answer to the question, can I lose weight on buckwheat porridge, usually always positive.

The main principle and the essence of buckwheat diet is simple: for five to seven days to only eat unsalted buckwheat porridge, cooked in water. Of course, it is impossible to add oil. Thanks to this amazing cereal weight correction will occur at the same time with the detox. Because buckwheat contains not only fibre, but also many vitamins and minerals.

Since in the Greek a lot of carbohydrates, weight loss process will go at once. How quickly will decrease the weight, depends on how it is initially more than the norm. If essential, then, and leave the fat will be pretty soon – literally from the first days. The average diet in the diet can lead to a loss of 10 pounds in a week. The cereal you can eat as much as you want (of course within reasonable limits).

Buckwheat diet for weight loss a good that involves clear and precise rules:

you can't have less than five hours before bedtime;

- be sure to drink plenty of fluids (water, green tea, herbal teas);

grits are best steamed, not boiled.

Another plus – if the porridge is very tired, one hour before bedtime drink a glass of yogurt (low-fat), harm it will bring.

The output of buckwheat diet

Safe weight loss involves proper diet. Oddly enough, many women are thinking about how can I lose weight, but don't think whether to comply with a special regime at the end of this process. It is important to understand that any and all methods of weight loss can be dangerous if you can ignore the rules. And one of them is out of the diet must be very smooth.

During the first weeks after the mono, although the extra weight is already gone, you should eat mainly lean protein foods. And to prepare them better for a couple. You should also eliminate from the diet all fried, spicy, too salty, flour, sweets. The perfect menu for two weeks after a diet should look like this: dietary protein dishes, a little bit of complex carbohydrates (vegetables, cereals, fruit) and no fat.

Of course, ideally it is best to change the diet, otherwise you dropped pounds quickly come back, well, what diet will help the person who is abusing fatty, sweet and spicy! But if no strength or ability to adhere to a completely healthy diet, we should at least reduce the number of harmful products and introduce them into the diet gradually.

The main contraindications

Of course, very tempting, buckwheat diet, the extra pounds away quite easily, and she was safe. But, alas, not all effective diet can be used without fear. So, decided on method of weight loss is contraindicated in those who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, stomach ulcer. It can not be used in lactating and pregnant women. Generally, it is best before you go on a diet, consult with your doctor.