Economical option

How many people have to deal with the passing away of someone close. Even an expected death seems sudden and a little studying for it. But any citizen can expect that the state will bury him at their own expense – this is highlighted by 6 thousand rubles. As a rule, buried for the money only those dead whose bodies were never claimed by relatives. This amount in any case will be allocated to the relatives of the deceased, even if they are going to bury him at their own expense.

Set funeral services for those who have limited means and for those who can afford them almost the same, just the cost will depend on the quality of those funeral accessories that are required on a mandatory basis. Such facilities include the casket and cushion, the cross, the mourning veil, wreaths, towels and handkerchiefs, which according to Russian tradition handed out to the cemetery. If the deceased has not prepared the clothes for the burial in advance, it cost should also be included in this list. This part of the procedure will cost 6-10 thousand rubles.
Keep in mind that bathing the deceased and putting him in the morgue, too, is not free. Normally it costs 3-5 thousand rubles.

In a budget option you should order the services at the disposal of local enterprises, to whom the administration of your community delegated these rights. Services are not free, but the cost will be several times cheaper than those offered by commercial funeral company. You will have to pay for the burial, digging the grave, hearse and, if necessary, the bus for the mourners and burying the graves and the installation of the cross, making her wreaths. For all this you will have to pay about 10 thousand rubles, according to conservative estimates.
To the standard of funeral services does not include the manufacture of fences and monuments. They are usually installed after the ground settles, in about a year.


We can say that the upper limit in this case does not exist. The cost of polished and lacquered coffin of precious wood, expensive b & b, wreaths of flowers, etc. will increase the cost of a funeral in a few dozen times. In this case, and 150 and 200 thousand rubles – not the maximum amount. Typically, these funeral suggest that you also need to pay special prestigious place, and if you decide to bury some already closed for burial cemetery, there will have to fork out another 60-100 thousand rubles.


Usually the funeral – the biggest item of funeral expenses. Savings here is possible only if you make them at home and meals cooked themselves. In this case, a memorial table that will accommodate 1-20 people, you will have to spend at least another 5 thousand rubles. If you're going to arrange the funeral in any catering establishment, they can cost from 20 thousand and above.